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  1. im sorry but you have got something way wrong , way way wrong . once the scope is balanced by moving the scope in the rings it is balanced , home position or not . once the scope and mount is assembled does it look like it does in the pictures of it on the box ??

    Yep I can balance very easily as per the RA balancing instructions in the manual...its just when I move to the home position that the EP assembly pulls the scope to one side

  2. Yep Jupiter and the Orion nebula are the only things I've managed to see and the desire to see Andromeda is the reason why I upgraded to the goto...as I couldn't work out how to use the setting circles...I understand the principle of them, but actually working them is something else.

    I am rather shy and this is why I haven't approached a club and why I've spent (literally) months researching, reading and studying instead.

  3. Bought the 200P on EQ5 last year, and have not had much success with it.

    Bought and fitted the goto upgrade, but whenever I try to use it it points at the ground/nowhere near an alignment star.

    Two other big problems...if its balanced the eyepiece is on top so I can't reach it and if I get the eyepiece into a position where I can see through it the setup is not balanced...and the motors just can't shift it.

    Also can't see polaris easily...even though other major stars are easy enough to find.

    At my wits end after spending so much money on kit, books and courses....grateful for any advice or sensible offer for the kit.

    So soul destroying, they don't warn you you need to be so clever when you're getting into the hobby and paying out good money.

  4. Skywatcher do state that the PSU must have a regulated supply.

    From the manual:

    "The Synscan should be powered by 11-15V DC power supply (tip-positive) capable of producing continuous current of 2 amps min."

    "capable of producing continuous current" means a regulated supply.


    The specs on the website say its not regulated, but someone has asked if it has a regulated output and Maplin have said yes.

    Have posted them a question asking if it is capable of producing a continuous current.

    Would be very surprised if this is not suitable, considering it was recommended by a telescope shop...but better safe than sorry

  5. Shop recommended one of these for garden viewing:

    12V 5A Car Socket Power Supply : 12V Car Accessory Power Supplies : Maplin Electronics

    Says indoor use only, but in reality I presume this simply means dont get it wet!

    People online seem to go on about regulated supplies, which I dont think this is...but Skywatcher don't say the supply must be regulated so I've taken a punt

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