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  1. My area of Wigan is in red on the light pollution map..Andromeda is a very dull smudge, that's mtg scope observing limit
  2. wow thanks everyone...so kind of you all...nearly got it right tonight...now at the stage where the target appears in the finderscope! Got a peak of a very fuzzy Andromda tonight Now, next problem...should I shoot next doors security light or hit it with a baseball bat?
  3. Looking to upgrade...so far the collective knowledge of the internet points to these Astro-Developments bolts: http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=280722551685 ...would people agree, is there an alternative? (£48 is a bit steep for four bolts) Any advice gratefully received
  4. Clutches now on...makes a massive difference (shame its not mentioned in the manual)...have tested setup in the living room...just need a clear night now!
  5. thanks everyone, really appreciate it...will try again on the next clear night
  6. Yep I can balance very easily as per the RA balancing instructions in the manual...its just when I move to the home position that the EP assembly pulls the scope to one side
  7. cheers...would you enter the -2 as '-2' or '2'? also...once you've balanced and you swing to home position do you lock your clutches? Yep I've had my steel rule and marker pen out, as per astronomyshed
  8. Yep Jupiter and the Orion nebula are the only things I've managed to see and the desire to see Andromeda is the reason why I upgraded to the goto...as I couldn't work out how to use the setting circles...I understand the principle of them, but actually working them is something else. I am rather shy and this is why I haven't approached a club and why I've spent (literally) months researching, reading and studying instead.
  9. Hi...yep Im aware that you can move the scope within the holding rings...but when through EP is in a 'normal' viewing position AND the scope is in the home position its not balanced...yet the only way I can stop it turning is by putting the EP on top
  10. Don't know about a local group...and I understand the principles of polar alignment and I know what the home position is (this is where I've discovered the balancing/EP issue) I've read everything I can get my hands on and completed two Open University courses...so when I say Im at my wits end you can see why
  11. Bought the 200P on EQ5 last year, and have not had much success with it. Bought and fitted the goto upgrade, but whenever I try to use it it points at the ground/nowhere near an alignment star. Two other big problems...if its balanced the eyepiece is on top so I can't reach it and if I get the eyepiece into a position where I can see through it the setup is not balanced...and the motors just can't shift it. Also can't see polaris easily...even though other major stars are easy enough to find. At my wits end after spending so much money on kit, books and courses....grateful for any advice or sensible offer for the kit. So soul destroying, they don't warn you you need to be so clever when you're getting into the hobby and paying out good money.
  12. Just a noob...new 12.4mm Meade on its way http://www.yfrog.com/hs1uezknj ...probably risky having all that free space...tempting to fill it
  13. ...well theyve replied in about 60 seconds...and alas its not capable...however the other highlighted PSU: 12Vdc 5A Power Supply with 2.1mm Tip : CCTV Power Supplies : Maplin Electronics ...looks like it will fit directly into the goto, so off to swap them over ...have now got replacement...plugs into scope just fine, not quite as snug as the supplied power cable.
  14. The specs on the website say its not regulated, but someone has asked if it has a regulated output and Maplin have said yes. Have posted them a question asking if it is capable of producing a continuous current. Would be very surprised if this is not suitable, considering it was recommended by a telescope shop...but better safe than sorry
  15. I have found I have a cubed foam fetish
  16. Shop recommended one of these for garden viewing: 12V 5A Car Socket Power Supply : 12V Car Accessory Power Supplies : Maplin Electronics Says indoor use only, but in reality I presume this simply means dont get it wet! People online seem to go on about regulated supplies, which I dont think this is...but Skywatcher don't say the supply must be regulated so I've taken a punt
  17. I have the supplied holder for the HC...any suggestions on how it should be attached to the accessory tray...the instructions say to just slide it on, but it falls off all the time.
  18. ...you also have the same kitchen as me ... small world
  19. Jake you're a hero... Have nominated you for a Knighthood and have sent a very sh*tty email to Skywatcher. Just two quick queries, first of all is there a best way of securing the handset holder to the accessory tray and what is the foam square for?
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