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  1. A Barlow is on my wish list, but not at the top. I want at least one good high power EP first. However, choice of my EPs will be made on the assumption I'll get a Barlow at some point so I get an even spread of magnifications. I was thinking of an 8mm EP (150x), with my 25mm EP (48x) and a Barlow would I think then give me 300x and 96x. The 10mm EP that came with the scope would give me 120x, and 240x with the Barlow. The series would then be 48, 96, 120, 150, 240, 300x and exit pupil would be between 4mm and 0.67mm Is 0.67mm too small to be useful? What does a Barlow do to eye relief, if anything?
  2. Well said. That just look so wrong. Pete, the clamp looks interesting, but I'd worry that it would not grip well enough and the bins would at some time pop out and end up on the ground from a rather high height. Anyone tried this type? Are they more secure than the look?
  3. I'm putting a BST on my wish list, but I'm resisting the urge to buy anything until I have some good use out of what I already have. I've notice the skies have been really clear when I come home from work the last few days but the timing been all wrong and by the time I've look looked later it's clouded over. Did have a go at the moon. Nearly burnt the back of my eyeball out - a moon filter is going on the wish list too. So far I've not really given my eyes the full time to adjust so I'm hoping this weekend will be clear and I'll remember to wrap up well so I can sand more than 20 minutes with snow up to my ankles.
  4. A soon as this snow clears I'll try the collimation . Thank's for the supporting comments What's a BST Explorer? I assume its an eyepiece, but searching for BST on FLV returns no results found, and on Google I get links back to this forum but with no one actually saying what it/they are
  5. It arrived last week and was put to good use immediately, despite it not actually being my birthday until later this week - OH's permission given after the event Rather glad I did as there's now a tick layer of snow over everything and not a start to be seen Assembled it as soon as I got home, in the living room and the straight i to the garden with the 25mm lens. Sighted the Pleiades through the finder within seconds and found my cause adjustment was good enough to put it i the centre of the main. Very glad to have found Pleiades so quickly, but it does look better through bins. Next, Jupiter. Found that very quickly - I do like the Dobsonian mount. I think I really get on with it well. Used it to fine tune the finder. Could see all four moons so switch to the 10mm EP and could vaguely see the cloud belts. It may need a little collimation but it not far out. Orion's nebular was the next and I had an excellent image as good as I'd seen at the Stargazing Live event last week. Took it out the next night and added Andromeda to the list. By now I had noted two thing for the future. 1. remember to put more on the a light coat. 2. remember to turn of the security light to it didn't keep turning on every time the cat came to see what I was doing. Very pleased with it. Next job is to tweak the collimation, but I a little scared I'l make it worse not better. I now need make a list of object to look up. I'm used to observing just with bins I already have a good list to start with, but I am eager to find some object that would not have been possible wit bins. Suggestions welcome for what I should start with when the weather clears up again.
  6. I general read 'suitable for audiences of all ages' as 'made for children but adults won't feel too out of place'. It's a real shame that museums see this style of presentation as the norm and we now have very little aimed at educated adults.
  7. Just got mine. First impression: More than adequate. A little lighter and less sturdy than other cases. Would not like to stand on one as I think the surface would crumple but still strong enough to protect the contents from a kick or two. Note also that each comes with a pair of keys. My keys were all identical and probably identical to every other key in the shop. There no padlock holes to augment security. I have no complaints for the price.
  8. But I thought f/4 to f/8 was two stops. What about f/5.6. If f/5.6 to f/2.8 is 2 stops the f/5.3 to f/2.8 ought to be closer to 1.8 stops so about 3.6x Thanks for the info on what subs mean - I've so much more to learn
  9. Does signal to noise will reduce to the root of the optical power on CCD ? That would make the S/N improvement linear with f-number ratio. I guess noise floor also creeps in somehow How low a temperature is the CCD? I really must do some research rather than asking daft question, but is it on a Peltier cooler?
  10. Thanks, now I understand. I assume higher the moon less the problem.
  11. Okay newbie question I guess - would that not be about right. I seem to remember that speed goes to the square of the f-number ratio - so (5.3/2.8)^2 = 3.6 You've lost me with the subs. Is that there the subjectiveness comes in?
  12. How about shower, as in meteor shower - as I expect many will burn brightly then disappear (I hope to be proved wrong of course)
  13. I agree. It is an amazing blob. It not what you see it that you do see and know what it is, and how far far away it is. That's probably why it not good to show beginners - you need to know what it is before you see it.
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