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  1. I can see polaris most clear nights and all of ursa minor on moonless nights with no problem
  2. I must have been real close to it then as i was right on the money but just couldnt see it may be it was the seeing as i have plenty of thin trail cloud and fog pass over earlier. Cant wait to get out there and try again.
  3. Is m51 the one to the right at the bottom of ursa major as ive been trying to locate it tonight and just couldnt find it spent ages.
  4. Ive got exactly the same thing but its a training ground for hockey, football and skatepark and ive just emailed my local morrisons supermarket to turn there blumming carpark lights off as the shop is shut. The horizon is very thick with mist but the main sky is clear Gutted.
  5. Tiddles when you did the jupiter image was that using a AVI or was that just a click capture image as its pretty awesome for a dob.
  6. That made me laugh nice one. Its not to bad here may get some time in.
  7. No i would never say that. But thats the only time ive ever seen the primary in the secondary mirror.
  8. Im by no means no expert but the only time i get this is when there is no eye piece in the focuser.
  9. About early may last year i was at my local dark site which is a mates field (mate being a farmer i have done some tree work for) which is located down a long winding country road. The field has a hill in the middle of it and i was on the top of the hill / crest. I could hear about at a guess 10 to 15 teenagers singing and messing about coming up the road. I think they were a bit merry so i layed down on the floor looking up as they cant see me at all but i could see them quite clearly. I felt a big rock right near my left hand. I passed the rock to my right hand and lobbed it down the field behind were they just came from level with the road. My lucky strike it hit one of the massive steel watering troughs with a really loud "CLANG" all i heard was "what the **** was that" and then heard them all screaming and running up the road some of the them seemed really scared. I was peeing my self laughing:D. No i dont get scared in dark sites as i have lived in a rural area all my life and know how to handle darkness in the dead of night and i love it hence why i like astronomy.
  10. I saw saturn a few nights ago and it is awesome and just amazing at how far away from us it. I want to go out again and see it but i keep getting beaten by dew after a few hours and now thick fog has rolled in GUTTED.
  11. I love my 150p dob best thing ive bought in ages and get some brilliant views of DSO's, planets and lunar.
  12. Isnt there an astrologist in the Sun newspaper called septic peg or mystic meg or something maybe they need to have a chat to her.
  13. Cheers for the help guys. Im glad ive still got foam left over from the OTA so i can make dew shield and i need another coat with more pockets:D.
  14. Clear here but the dew got my EP's so thats the end of that.
  15. I found earlier that having saturation just a touch above middle and white balance on auto got me a good colour fuzzy image on screen but by the time i wanted to let jupiter float across my FOV my netbook ran out of battery so i dont know what the AVI would have come out like. blumming dew got me in the end so i had to come in any way.
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