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  1. Cheers guys, Lenscap, thoes both look promising, I'll have a look at them both when I get on my pc. I do like the idea of building something tho mikeDnight, ah that's good there is something commercial avaliable that's not impossible to find (and if my DIY skills fail me) Harry
  2. Evening all, Some of you may be aware but I recently acquired a super polaris mount, originally I was going to get rid of it but I thought it would actually be a better idea to get it all kitted out and make use of it. As you can see the mount came with the R.A and Dec motors but no control unit. My only experience with this type of drive system is with one of my first scopes, which came with a tracking motor (I believe it was the skywatcher eq2 I might be wrong) however it came with a simple 6v control box which I'm assuming is something similar to what I need to get t
  3. Evening all, So despite the fact my power tank died out on me so early that I missed the best part of the day (weather here got much better later in the day... grr!) and with the limited knowledge in taking/creating solar images this means a great deal to me I missed both the venus transits and the last mercury transit, so to even witness this one and be able to share the experience with my family was really rewarding. I know this image isn't great (eww neuton rings) but out of the 5min of clips I took I ended up cutting it down to about 3 seconds where there were no clouds
  4. My Little effort trying to get captures between the clouds! hopefuly I can prosess something from the few frames I managed to capture
  5. Wow Amazing image cracking job! way too many to count! I'd be here for days! Harry
  6. Evening all This Is my first lunar mosaic, after returning back to the hobby, I created from last nights moon. I probably could have spent a little more time on it but its was good to have a decent practice (and i still have all the raw data so I can always have another go ) I also tried to take a single frame video but during the stacking process it chopped off a small sliver at the bottom let me know what you think and any ways I can improve my techniqie As an aside I used to have program many years ago that would dispaly a single frame of the video taken in a d
  7. Some great advice thankyou I've got the imaging tutorials up and will make my way through them. I actually ordered a .5 focal reducer with the camera so I can get a full disk image, glad im getting some sort of idea on what I need They are great images, really looking forward to using the mono camera and pick out a bit more detail, just need to work on my focus. Harry
  8. Funny you say that I should be getting a delivery of that very camera tomorrow That image is stunning! Yes lots to learn especially on software side of it and just getting to know the scope in general. Harry
  9. Evening all, I've wanted a solar scope for the longest time so I recently took the plunge and bought the Daystar Solar Scout SS60, It arrived maybe a week or so ago and its been cloudy nearly every day since (always the way with new astro gear!!!) Well the clouds parted for a while yesterday so I fired it up and took a few "snaps" I was using my Nikon D3300 with a 2X barlow. at first all I saw was a red ball.... not too interesting then I fiddled around with the settings and got this... (I have editied slightly by bumping up the contrast but that was it!) I still hav
  10. OK so I was able to test the scope briefly before the C8 was saturate with dew (dew shield has been ordered ) 1st thing I noted was just how simple it was to colimate, I've never used a SCT scope before, it was all ready pretty close so I just found a bright star defocused slightly and tightened/loosed the correct screw untill I got nice concentric rings. I was only using low powered eyepeices and didn't notice much mirror slop focus was nice and smooth. I did notice dew on the inside of scope on the corrector (is this normal for use without a shield?) but it also highlighte
  11. Thanks for the advice, I'll see what its like after I have used the scope. Other than the spots of mould on the mirror and corrector plate it dosen't seem too bad Harry
  12. Hmm maybe I'll hold off on cleaning until after I get a decent viewing session in and put the scope through its paces. Check for mirror slop collimation etc Yes dew shield is definitely top of my list! Always struggled round here with dew! As it doesn't have a dust cap at the moment I will leave it somewhere where it will get some sun (not direct, don't want to burn anything) in the hopes I will at least halt the mould growth Very excited to try this scope out! Harry
  13. Sorry to resurrect but thought I would add this here. I just purchased a C8, no documentaion with it and no info on purchase date (bought from a guy selling on behalf of and elderly gentleman) Has both R.A and Dec motors. believed to be the Celestron Super Polaris C8 according to Uncle Rod's Used SCT Buyer's Guide (Page20) serial No .862129 Aprox 1985ish
  14. Ah ok thats great, I was worried someone had forced some metric screws in there . I saw a post on here collecting serial numbers and trying to date them (from serial number 1980 something??) Yes ive been reading lots of tutorials about dissassembly and cleaning, especially with potential mould issues I don't want it to get any worse... Ah good idea with the shower cap, It would do untill I find something a bit more substantial or get something 3d printed? Harry
  15. Hello everyone, I'd say it's been about 6 years since I last posted on this forum, oops . Anyway Ive been looking for a new scope something with abit more punch than the skywatcher 130m I have been using and came across this beaut on eBay, I won the auction and picked it up yesterday. The guy was selling it on behalf of an elderly gentleman man who couldn't use it anymore, (it's been sitting in an unheated garage for many years ) he had no idea on the make or model other than its a c8, I did a bit of research and found its a c8 super polaris. The mount has both RA and Dec a
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