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  1. yeah i think i spent to much time trying to clean looking background sky and forgot about the nebula, never mind gives me a reason to have another go at it. thanks for the advice
  2. Using HA and OIII filter on a Atik 314L+ 15x600s subs of each i got this image last tuesday as myself and my friend tried out her new scope a Pentax 75mm. any comments welcome as i'm just getting into bi-colour imaging. thanks for looking glen
  3. well i've been meaning to try this for a while but not had chance, but work and life gets in the wait. so this is the first attempt at doing a bicolour image. made up from 16x900s HA and 16x900s OIII thanks for looking glen
  4. no there is only a tiny crop from the raw data just to clean the edges up after stacking.
  5. made the most of the clear skies on tuesday and got this, taken with my 8"RC and and SBIG ST-8300m made up of 10x 5 mins in LRGB. still not sure how happy i am with it tho. glen
  6. phatlad


    thanks for all the kind words and advice, i'm looking forward to getting the colour data and having another play about with it.
  7. phatlad


    hi all well i got a few hours clear last night so i had a quick go at M13. sadly i had problems with my filter wheel so i could only get the Luminance, never the less i had a quick play about with the data today and i'm quiet pleased when i look at my first attempt at M13 on page 4 of the "lets see your first DSOs" sticky. glen
  8. cheers for the comments, i will have another play with it later today rob. glen
  9. would love to hear peoples comments and suggestions how i can improve, this is about my first proper attempt to have a crack at colour, although i think i need to get some more colour data for it. taken with a SBIG ST-8300m 5 min exposers on a 8" RC.
  10. i'm from york, i do a lot of observing with the York AS, there is a star party on the Knavesmire on wednesday next week from 7pm. we do observe outside of york but its a good way to meet some people next week. glen.
  11. hi all i have had one or two nights where i have had my secondary dew up on my 8"RC, has anyone else had this problem? i was going to make myself a dew heater form resisters, but when i have taken out the secondary mirror cell it looks as tho the mirror is glued in. is there anyone out there that has made a dew heater for this scope? or has striped one down and could help me please thanks glen.
  12. thanks to all that made it a great time despite the clouds and rain. i did manage to get little be of time with my ccd on wednesday night/ thursday morning but nothing great. looking forward to march. glen
  13. aye you knew what i ment... and yes the normal lot will be there me paul martin and i'm guessing john is he is talking after all. plus one of our lads roo is coming up and crashing with me, i can't wait to see his scope under dark skies. glen
  14. i'm going up monday and will see on the weather if i stay the sunday night. looking forward to the talks on sunday, started getting things pulled out and ready today. only problem i have is my sky box packed in today hopefully should get that sorted before next week lol. glen
  15. i'm up for that. something like the 19th or 24,25th of november is good for me, and the moon will be out the way just let me know where and i will be there glen
  16. glad to hear you had a good time, and it was nice to put a face to the name, only sorry i didn't get much time to speak with you glen
  17. i would be up for going out to somewhere to observe but i am rushed of my feet just now i was wanting to plan a trip onto the moors somewhere when i get back from kielder star party. i'm thinking of going to have a look for a good site after the star party at sutton bank on saturday. glen
  18. what is posted on the York AS website is only what we have been informed by sutton bank, if anyone has any questions about booking for this event i have found this page and i think it would be best to give them a ring and ask. thank glen.
  19. hi Andy I'm not going to the celestron open day (i've spent far to much this year i don't need to be tempted again) but i'm part of York AS so i will be at sutton bank and if its clear i am planning on doing some imaging and hope to show people some nice little things glen.
  20. good evening all. i'm from york, i do a lot of observing just out side of york, its not that bad there but i have to second going up onto the moors i try get the odd trip up to hutton-le hole, or the hole of horcum, not as often as i used to, as i'm doing more imaging now it gets harder to carry all the gear i need out there. the down side to both of these places is you know dam well as soon as you get dark adapted a car is going to come passed. glen.
  21. i just got given a webcam to have a go at planetary imaging, what software do people recomend? thanks glen.
  22. right well i bite the bullet last week and ordered myself a SBIG ST-8300 from ian king (got to say Fantastic service and advice from Ian). so last night i went out to see a few mates and show them what i had being spending my money on. and low and behold it cleared, so i plonked my scope down and set it off doing 600 seconds shots on the North American Nebula, first few shots i had problems with gilding, then i got this shot. and just after that my laptop battery died so i haven't got any darks yet hope to get them tonight, i'm still only just learning and really starting out with imaging,but for a single shot i'm pretty pleased.
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    deep sky

  24. yeah the reviews i have read say they are good, i use a 2009 macbook and i think its one of the few macbooks not to have a firewire port and i don't have a express port. but i am still very tempted with the camera. i guess if i can't get it working i can stick it on ebay lol
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