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  1. I like the idea of foreign dark skies but it stays in the realm of pipe dreams. Besides, my other half is prepared to move out of London (hurrah!) but not out of Inglaterra.
  2. Some composite photos from the NYT. http://www.nytimes.c...look-stars.html
  3. Bit of a false dichotomy, I think. All the folk you mention have demonstrated their own personal passion for things astronomical. A scientific bent does not make you soulless.
  4. As a newbie with a 114P, I can't contradict all these good things being said about it ... but more experience voices than mine are always saying that aperture is king. I suspect that when it comes to enjoying the smaller, fuzzier end of the DSO scale, this scope will be lacking and it certainly won't handle the higher magnifications.
  5. I think from that site it's only a partial eclipse in Morocco. Or have I misunderstood something? On of my biggest regrets was having to cancel a trip to the Sahara to see the total eclipse in 2006.
  6. The grass may not be greener but as a Londoner, I'm looking forward to retiring somewhere a little darker. Not sure I could persuade the better half to go south of Dover though.
  7. You have a spurious character at the start of the URL. http://www.flickr.co...s/82940128@N03/ works for me.
  8. Here in Islington I can only make out mag 0 stars with the naked eye. But it's amazing how many stars magically appear through the finder, bins or scope. And when I get out to the sticks there's just too many stars to get my head around.
  9. Article with some of the Best Astronomy Images of 2012
  10. And explaining to the estate agent why you only want to view the house after dark.
  11. When I started out binocular observing I found a planisphere fairly useful in finding my way around. It's been supplanted by SkyEye on a tablet now.
  12. And, of course, you can do much the same with the AZ reading if you have a dob or other AZ mount.
  13. It's a bit frustrating that the well known online tax avoider bookseller doesn't have "look inside" for this one. And the only real bookshop I've ever seen it in had it shrink-wrapped (which rather defeats the purpose of a bookshop).
  14. As I understand it, an electron could be anywhere but not with equal probability. At any instant there's a sort of contour map of the universe showing where it might be. In a single atom, there is a high probability that "its" electrons are still nearby. When two atoms are chemically bonded, an electron could be near to either with similar levels of probablity. In simple terms their electrons are likely to be swarming around both nuclei.
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