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  1. Thanks. I'm not really interested in imaging, more just viewing. I'm not really sure on how the dobsonians work when it comes to alignment etc. Do you just point them north? Also what are the options for stands etc or do the telescopes just sit on the floor? I'm looking at the 250 px now too. Which would save a fair bit over the goto.
  2. Hi all I bought a celestron 130 eq a couple of years ago as my first telescope and now looking for a bit of an upgrade. Some of the options I've been looking at are the celestron nexstar 6se or the skywatcher 200p flextube goto. I like the idea of a goto system but it's not a necessity, so was also looking at some of the bigger dobsonians which are a bit cheaper than the above. So does anyone have any thoughts on these telescopes? What sort of improvements would i see over my current telescope? I only really use my telescope in my back garden. Thanks for any info and help!
  3. Thanks, can you reccommend anywhere in the UK to buy a Telrad? Where are people getting theirs from??
  4. I think I possible don't have the telescope balanced properly, so it moves slightly after I've got it lined up. Also, think I keep getting the slow movement cables the wrong way round so move it the wrong way and can't find the planet again! Hopefully it's clear tonight so I can have another go. My telescope came with a 20mm and a 10mm eyepiece. Is it worth getting a 30 mm one as well? I take it I can use any make? Like this one: First Light Optics - Skywatcher SP Plossl eyepieces Thanks PS @JamesF Yeah I probably didn't word that right ha!
  5. I've tried aligning the finder thing but that's been no help. So I've tried just trying to aim the telescope by looking along the OTA and still nothing. When it comes to Polar alignment I can't see polaris from where I am. So tried the method of pointing the scope north with a compass and setting the latitude of the mount to the same as where I am (51degrees) is that correct?
  6. Hi All I got my Celestron 130EQ on Saturday night and have tried it out the last few nights. It's amazing just how much you can see that isn't visible by looking! I've been trying to aim for Jupitor though seeing as its pretty much the brightest light up there (well I think its Jupitor?). This seemed like a good way of getting to grips with moving and aiming the telescope but for some reason I've found it almost impossible to find. I have got it a couple of times but I then couldn't keep it in site long enough to see it properly. I've tried aiming by looking down the telescope and still nothing! I was thinking of getting a less powerful eye piece to help but surely it shouldn't be that hard to find? Oh and as most reviews have said, the star finder thing is useless! So any tips to aiming my scope?
  7. Thanks for your help guys. I really do appreaciate it! I think the Celestron is about right for where I want to start. If I get on well with it I plan on then upgrading to a much better telescope later on.
  8. Thanks. I have actually just ordered the 130eq as I got free Saturday delivery from Amazon. I did look at the Heritage 130, but it seems to be the same spec as the 130eq? I wasn't too keen on not having a tripod either. I want to see how I get on with the lower spec telescopes for now and hopefully be able to upgrade later on. Can the mount with the Celestron be used with other telescopes?
  9. Hi I'm a complete newbie to Astronomy and have never used a telescope in my life, but it's something I've always wanted to get into. I've done a little bit of reading up already but theres so much it gets a llittle confusing! I've been looking at a Celestron Astromaster 130EQ as it seems a relativly good starter telescope and is on Amazon for £127 at the moment. So is this a good starter telescope and what sort of things can I realistically see with it? I'll be starting as a backgarden observer. I don't mind paying a bit more if it's worth it though. My budget is about £200. Thanks for any help!
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