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  1. love that, the left side always reminds me of a alien head from the movies
  2. you can possibly get them cheaper if you shop around, sometimes you can get good deals on ebay for these if you buy them in bulk, the link above is for 12 pairs
  3. in ham radio we use these andersons power pole connectors, they are rated 30A @12V and can not be connected the wrong way around, they slot together in pairs any way round you like, so you could have one vertical and one horizontal or both same orientation, solder or crimp them as you wish. https://www.sotabeams.co.uk/powerpole-30a-connectors-shack-pack-12/
  4. 2 good sources on the Space Surveillance Network http://www.au.af.mil/au/awc/awcgate/usspc-fs/space.htm https://celestrak.com/columns/v04n01/
  5. great image, shows the clouds of dust very well
  6. That's quite cool thanks, I use stellarium to track it but its not bright enough for me yet, hopefully soon though
  7. ISON can be seen in the morning sky before sunrise near Mars, I'm not waiting until December to view it at night
  8. Well I can not wait to see your results, I haven't taken an image since last November, and currently don't have any astro darkness, it won't return until the last week in July, I start an astronomy course in Oct with the open university so I better use this down time to check and maintain the gear, the 190mn is sat at the bottom of the stairs all covered up so it doesn't get dusty, as always good luck with your project
  9. your all wrong, its clearly a UFO and now for something completely serious, don't be pointing your cameras at the sun without using a filter, not only could you damage the sensor but if its an SLR you could cause damage to your eye when looking through the viewfinder
  10. I see your trying to match field of views, but have you thought of pixel size? overlaying a 1.4mp image on to a 6mp image will reduce the resolution of the 6mp image, effectively blurring the image slightly, great excuse to buy a second 460, just a thought
  11. Great shots indeed, the qhy8l and the canon 1100d have for all intents and purposes the same physical sensor size, the sony aps-c size chips are the same as nikons at 1.7x crop factor.
  12. http://hackaday.com/2012/06/21/building-a-radio-telescope-for-a-school-science-project/
  13. its horses for courses as they say, to listen to the emissions from Jupiter most people have a receiver that tunes in on 20 MHz so you ideally need an aerial that is about 7 meters across, to detect meteors a 2 meter aerial and a vhf aircraft band receiver is all you need, to detect the hydrogen line you ideally need a dish that has a detector that receives the 21cm line at 1420.40575177 MHz
  14. the 20Da is pre live view so that ploy won't work I think you will need an extra cable to operate the shutter remotely too for exposures in excess of 30"
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