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  1. Hi, Yes i have a t-ring, but the moon isnt quite in focus so im guessing i need something like above to help it archive the correct focus. Yes i have seen cheaper options but some dont move, hence the need to in my case.
  2. Hi, I have a Skywatcher 150p and standard 2x barlow, 10 and 21mm lenses that came with scope, i want to take basic pictures of planets to start off with. I have my wifes Canon 60D dlsr camera and adaptor, but with this only makes pictures very blurry coupled with 2x barlow. Do i need this adaptor below, will this work with my spec, from my understanding its saying i can also use a lens i.e my 10mm and place inside to give a higher mag, also can i use my 2x barlow as well at the same time? Sorry if its a stupid idea, wont fit etc? Thanks http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/skywatcher-tele-extender-125-camera-adaptor.html
  3. Oh brilliant thank you, i just tried and it fits on the 1.25, though i guess a 2" would be better to let more light to the sensor? Can u recommend an adaptor to do this? Many thanks again.
  4. Hi guys, its been a couple of weeks since I've been outside due to the weather, but been put off a little because i need some advice just getting set up with my dslr camera. I have the kit which you can see in my sig, can attach the camera ok, but all i see through the viewfinder is a white/grey blur, can you help me with what settings i need the camera on. Another point is i only have the 2xbarlow t-adaptor which came with the scope, but surely its still usable in some respect, do you recommend a standard t-adaptor or do you advise one of these for a bit extra cash?
  5. Got my new scope out for a couple of hours yesterday, mainly to set it up, the moon was low and soon went behind clouds and then houses! I did manage to see Jupiter and 4 moons for ten minutes, really awesome sight, even though the conditions werent the best and it started raining, must fix the synscan up tonight!
  6. Hi, I'm in Huntingdon, though unfortunately i dont have a car to transport my scope etc around, but thanks for the info i'll have a look at the website in a minute. Oh my scope arrived today! Even though i asked for a tracking number and i didnt even get an email to say it had been sent! luckily my gf was in to take the parcels!
  7. Thanks guys! FLO have sent my T-Ring, but I'm still waiting for them to send my scope grr!
  8. Hi Pugnut, welcome! Yes you got a cracking deal there, i myself just ordered the same setup but brand new, you certainly saved a great deal of money, pity i couldnt find one second hand! Maybe we can compare shots if your eventually attach a camera, or help each other if needed?
  9. Hi all, i joined this forum 4 days ago, but never said hello, how rude! Anyway I'm Jay, 34 and have an 11 year old son, my Interests are Gaming, Sports and Astronomy, I run a webblog (Lemmings Ports) about the old computer game 'Lemmings' if anyone remembers playing that when they were younger!? I've had an interest in the 'stars' for many years but due to location and other reasons I've not 'got into it' so to speak, until 5 years ago which is when i bought my first scope, well i rushed into buying one, it was a Celestron 8" reflector, cant remember which model, but for a beginner i was totally out of my depth with it, and sold it 2 months later after just managing to view the moon!, maybe it was misaligned or something? who knows! Anyway 5 years later, after getting cash back after clearing a loan, it was time to have another go! What you see in my sig is the scope I ordered last night from the help from you guys after a long 4 days of changing my mind from a 4SE, 127 etc! And along with the goto and Google Sky i will hopefully at least find the objects in the sky! focusing and photographing them is another matter, but I'm up for the challenge this time!
  10. Yeah i could see it walking home from work, and whilst im waiting for my scope to arrive i grabbed my binoculars and could make one moon out, m42 was clear too, thanks google sky, cant wait for my scope, hurry up flo!
  11. Thanks, I've posted in my other thread I've cancelled my order of the 4SE and ordered a 150PDS for this purpose, thanks for your help!
  12. Ok thanks guys, I wont use a barlow except for viewing....I've managed to cancel my original order of a Nexstar 4, I'm going to go for the "SkyWatcher Explorer 150PDS EQ3 PRO Reflector Telescope" while its £200 more @£599, stretching my budget to the limit! I'd rather still have the goto and tracking which i wanted, but on a better tripod, plus I've been looking at pictures taken with these scopes, and as you say a faster f rating is required for my astrophotography, just have to find somewhere to store it when it arrives!
  13. Yes everyone is nice and respectful to starters, I know I've asked some what probably seem stupid questions, but they have replied decently, also i picked this forum because i think its one of the biggest on the net, and there always seems to be people on here and you get questions answered quickly.
  14. Thanks guys, yeah I'm just going to order the t-ring and t-adaptor with 2xbarlow to start with, its all very daunting and my head will explode with all the different combinations of things if i dont take a break from searching!
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