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  1. It's been bad here for quite a while now
  2. Good plan something rewarding about saving up too!
  3. I don't find the dob too big to move about - yes you have to carry it in a few lumps, but it's not 'heavy' as such. A great scope, will be selling mine soon though as it just doesn't get used
  4. That's very nice, total cloud coverage here, gutted couldn't see it
  5. Great to see it back, would have loved it here when I first joined the site, a great addition I think
  6. This is how I see it - it doesn't anger me, I just think it's a shame to other users really. I'm selling my gear soon and as it's barely used I'm sure people would be interested in it. But them the rules I guess
  7. Ah ok, that explains it, thank-you however, I do agree with ikorodu - I have learnt to search on forums and read myself, which I have done on this forum a LOT. Ah well, I'm sure I can find some relevant stuff to comment on
  8. I can view it, but can't post in it, can someone please tell me what the credentials are for posting? Thanks
  9. Glad I got my doby from you when I did!
  10. Thanks for the write up, much appreciated not at all confusing, I get what you're saying completely, and it's where I want to go with mine I am looking at this: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace I presume that is about right for inclination? Just a shame the display isn't backlit really. And will also get a digital compass I think, seem pretty cheap really! Did you say you got the compass print out from work? I'm trying to work out a way of going about it, thought about CNC but tricky and expensive. Where do you work out of interest!? Is it something they'd be willing to sell possibly if it was put anti-clockwise?
  11. Welcome to a fellow cornish habitant - I'm near Redruth, you are surely in one of THE best places I expect, the light polution around Goonhilly and the peninsula as a whole I think is about 0 but yes, the clouds are currently annoying Welcome!
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