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  1. Just out of curiosity. Where do you guys find this information about Lunar shadow phenomena? I can't make Calsky to show me that.

    Edit: just as I asked, I managed to find it :D

  2. 7 hours ago, John said:

    As above, Venus, Mercury and Mars go through a cycle of phases. Mars never gets below around 85% illuminated but it's enough to be noticable through a scope.


    In a way, Saturn has phases too.. It looses a percent or some and puts a shadow on rings creating 3D effect.

  3. Some people use a sheet of red perspex (acrylic sheet) to help. Just place it in front of the normal (but dim setting) screen.

    That's nice idea, but little bit unconfortable.

    BackyardEOS has a download called BackyardRED which is a standalone feature which makes your screen suitable for night vision.

    That's great, but working not full.. When opening another program (Windows 8 maybe only), BackyardRED minimizing and vision turning off.

  4. Hello everyone.. I always picking my laptop when I'm going to observe Deep Sky Objects.. But there is one problem.. My laptop screen is too shiny.. When I look into the screen I always having adapt my eyes again. I always picking minimum screen brightness level, also stellarium night vision mode. Maybe there is some programs, that screen make more dark?

    I sorry for my english.

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