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  1. Just out of curiosity. Where do you guys find this information about Lunar shadow phenomena? I can't make Calsky to show me that. Edit: just as I asked, I managed to find it
  2. It's not the sky polluted in my situation. It's that there are street lamps all around me (I have literally 3m² of darker space in my backyard). It's impossible to have my eyes adapted to darkness.
  3. In a way, Saturn has phases too.. It looses a percent or some and puts a shadow on rings creating 3D effect.
  4. Ok. Thank you, guys, for answers. I'll give a cheaper option a shot. I've been observing with worse eyepieces (that came with telescope (25 and 10 mm)), so I shouldn't be very disappointed.
  5. Hello. I have a small question: has anyone compared cheap chinese eyepieces with original ones? For example, I'm interested in this cheap chinese eyepiece and celestron eyepiece (celestron I can get at a local shop, I wouldn't buy it from aliexpress). They have the same specifications, but price is differs quite a bit. So my question is simple: has anyone tried them and what difference in quality to expect?
  6. Well, thanks again.. I'll try that also..
  7. Well.. Thanks very much Found dark red glass, that would work. Thanks again.
  8. That's nice idea, but little bit unconfortable. That's great, but working not full.. When opening another program (Windows 8 maybe only), BackyardRED minimizing and vision turning off.
  9. Hello everyone.. I always picking my laptop when I'm going to observe Deep Sky Objects.. But there is one problem.. My laptop screen is too shiny.. When I look into the screen I always having adapt my eyes again. I always picking minimum screen brightness level, also stellarium night vision mode. Maybe there is some programs, that screen make more dark? I sorry for my english.
  10. Fantastic photo! It`s stunning..
  11. Plus colors and better than Hubble!
  12. Center too white. But photo is beautiful.
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