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  1. Nice. I'm just a little bit envious of those cloudless blue skies. Do you want any lodgers? I'm very quiet and well behaved and would even sleep in the shed.
  2. Buy a PS4/XBox1/Go for a walk/have a beer/Watch the football/help kids with homework/DIY..... ..or order some new eyepieces Or all the above
  3. This photo confirms my sighting. I could see the 3 feint stars pointing to the core of M82 and the SN almost in line with them. Fairly easy in an 8" SCT, very rewarding evening.
  4. Indeed. While gazing upwards, that single thought is the one that always comes back to me.
  5. Understanding OUR Universe is, in my opinion, the single most important goal for all of us. To sit here and allow ourselves to become obsessed with our own insignificant importance without pushing our understanding of how we came to be here is just giving up. Research in cancer and similar should, of course, continue but our ultimate fate depends on continued efforts in space exploration and trying to understand such things as dark matter/energy otherwise we will be stranded on this tiny blue green globe while our star completes its (and our) life cycle. I lost my father last year to cancer, a work colleague two days ago and one of the SGL members sadly lost his wife very recently to the same illness. We all suffer these problems but to just concentrate our efforts solely on human disease and disregard the bigger picture is irresponsible to our future as a species. Scientific research, like anything else, doesn't really 'cost' anything, it's just how we've set up our society unfortunately but thats a different matter entirely.
  6. I've not seen these mentioned here, I have been enjoying these videos. I think there are about 20 and all are 20mins. Very well delivered and easy to digest with some good explanations. Perfect for cloudy windy nights. First one is here.
  7. Not sure why the link didn't work. I'll try again. http://issuu.com/franj.glez/docs/sky_at_night_magazine_april_2013
  8. I was reading an old SAN today and Keith Hopcroft had a similar experience. See page 87 of http://issuu.com/franj.glez/docs/sky_at_night_magazine_april_2013. Not seen issuu.com before, not sure how legit it is but lots of stuff there.
  9. I had similar questions myself when I had a 12" Dob. It was the thought of setting up that stopped me getting outside and I can only imagine that a 16" would be twice as troublesome. I downsized to an 8" goto SCT purely to lessen the setup time and it worked for me. Not for everyone of course but for planetary, clusters amd doubles it gives exceptional views and I can be setup in 15mins or so (apart from the cold weather dressing up that is) and by knowing that, I don't feel like it's going to be such a chore before I get to the eyepiece.
  10. Distant Suns (max) is the free app from the Amazon appstore today only. Amazon appstore is here for those that don't already have it. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/fp.html?id=android-appextn
  11. They seem very good value, what is your 10mm that you use?
  12. So, after having problems with the motor drives / software on my LS8 and no replacements in the UK I've now got the LX90. Same ACF 8" OTA as the LS but obviously not as automated. Some things I prefer on the LS but there are several design points that I prefer on the LX. The mount is far better and I can add an Eq wedge as well in future. I preferred the auto setup and autostar 2 of the LS but can manage without it. Telescope House were extremely helpful during the faults/exchange I would like to point put. The Meade 26mm is not very impressive however (in fact its quite a disappointment). I had very good views last night with my Revelation 32mm but I will be needing a couple of eyepieces in 2014 for sure and I'm looking for advice for this type of scope. I have the revelation plossls but to be honest they don't seem to be happy in this OTA, at least not for my eyes. I want a couple of wide field EPs, I think around the 20mm and 8-10mm are what I'm looking for. Not sure if my Meade zero shift focusser will allow for 2" EPs but I definately want to keep that. In a few months time I'm maybe ready to pay up to £200 for each EP so what are the best for a Cat type scope, 8", fl 2000mm, f/10? I know EP questions seem endless but I'd like to hear from anyone with a similar OTA type that has tried different eyepieces. Happy New Year.
  13. Had a bit more of a play with this and more and more impressed. Very handy to browse objects and then let the app show you future events/conjunctions. It will then export any events you choose to your android calendar.
  14. Hi Dave, I spent a few months in Komatipoort the other year, also had a drive to Richards Bay and a weekend in Durban. Ended up driving back at night through Barberton and that had some remarkably black skies. Mysterious place Barberton, had an atmosphere like nowhere else I've been. Anyway, look forward to seeing your build progress.
  15. I think the app is well worth paying £4 for. I'll get a lot of use out of it and the author has clearly put a lot of effort into it.
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