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  1. Not sure how Registax would cope trying to allign and stack images of that......
  2. Veering slightly offtopic - what are the OASI like? Fairly newbie friendly? I tried getting in conctact a few years ago during my first dabblings with astronomy - but never really got very far. I think I could use a few people showing me some stuff that I never quite figured out for myself! Chris
  3. Need to get my hands on some powertanks first - which are going to have to wait a payday or two - still paying for Christmas!
  4. You know the laws of Astronomy have now guaranteed you cloudy nights for at least a week, Clouder? Sorry - someone should have mentioned that to you before
  5. Well I just threw caution to the wind and mounted the 250px onto the GP. Well, I say I threw caution to the wind, I spent a good while getting the balance perfect (took 12.5Kg's of weight in total) - and then I had the Mrs hovering over the power switch ready to kill the juice at the first sign of an abnormal noise from the motors, and myself poised to catch just in case of a topple...... .... and everything went fine. No abnormal sounds from the motors, sounded exactly the same as it does when my little NexStar 102 is mounted. Did everything in the lounge as it's somewhat foggy here, but I'm assuming that I might just be able to get away with this?
  6. I'm also called Chris, and also in Ipswich! Welcome to SGL, Kyrol!
  7. Hmmmm... The 250 weighs in at around 11kg. I'm kinda getting tempted to just try it. Am I insane? Is this likely to tear the mount to pieces? Someone tell me I'm nuts and I shouldn't do it, please!
  8. Hey Guys! I'm in Ipswich - skies aren't that great in Stoke Park - but I've still been able to see some wonderful things! I'd definitely be up for some kind of get together at a dark site - great way for me to learn new things, as I'm very much a newbie!
  9. Assuming the Helios is a "big heavy beastie" - I'm now wondering what the worst case scenario of overloading the mount is going to be. Is it just going to be unstable and wobbly and hard to use, or am I actually likely to damage the motors if I try it and see what happens?
  10. Only heard about this on the day and didn't manage to get down, let's hope something similar is arranged for next year!
  11. Hi! My name is Chris, and I'm from Ipswich! This is actually my second introduction post - the first was around five years ago when I first became interested in astronomy. I did things all the wrong way - thought throwing money at kit was a better idea than acutally learning what I was doing - and soon found myself poorer, and frustrated. Most of the kit I had back then was soon sold when my girlfriend became pregnant, and we rapidly ran out of storage space for telecopes, and the time to do anything other than change nappies and feed babies! Now that the kids are a little bigger, I've once again returned to standing in the garden in the middle of the night! I'm currently grabbing what kit I still have from the loft and garage, and trying to work out how I can see the most stuff without having to spend any money. I took my four year old outside last night for his first look at Jupiter through our little Celestron NexStar 102 - he was totally blown away by it, and spent the next 20 minutes babbling to his Mum about how amazing space was! Currently trying to work out how to put the SW 250PX OTA I have sitting in the garage to good use with no mount - and seriously regretting the day I ever sold my EQ6!
  12. Hey Guys - not sure if anyone can help me out... I have an old (green) Vixen GP mount (which has been fitted with the EQ5 GOTO upgrade) - and I was wondering if anyone knew what the capacity of this mount was (purely for visual observing). I've got a SW 250PX which i'm pretty certain is WAY too heavy for the mount - and I'm not sure I'm brave enough to see what happens if I connect them both up just incase I kill either. I haven't managed to find out a definitive weight limit online however - so I'm toying with the ideas of either making (or rather getting a friend to make) a dobsonian base for the 250, or finding someone wiht apeture fever who might like to swap the 250 OTA for either a 200/150 (which I'm hoping the GP mount WOULD be able to cope with). The other option is of course to have the dobsonian base made anyway, and then buy a smaller OTA to go on the GP mount - that might be somewhat tricky to sneak past the Mrs, however.... Thanks in advance!
  13. Damned handy thread this - after my son dropped my Lidl £10 specials I thought they were bound for the bin - but I've got them nice and crisp again!
  14. Thanks for that Rik - I think I've found someone who can make me a dob mount, but if not - that looks like the next best bet!
  15. Thanks for that Lorne - I'm going to have to go and find someone with skills and powertools!
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