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  1. When i had the 127 version i went as far as removing the focussing knob and then stopped. Looking at your photo's, I'm now pleased I did. Excellent set of photo's which will be a great help to anyone who feels brave enough to tinker. Paul
  2. I cant say my Lunar shots have suffered too badly with my old Nikon D70. I now have a Nikon D90 and have never used the live view yet. Focussing can be a pain and it can make or break the end result which ever camera you end up using. Paul
  3. Nice shot with good detail captured. Always a tricky phase to photo and you have captured it well. Paul
  4. Thanks John This shot was taken on Thursday night, the results from last night are hardly worth processing due to the haze. Well you cant win them all. Paul
  5. I really do like to see a daytime Moon especially when its looks this good. The shade of blue and focus looks spot on. Paul
  6. Thanks Ron I have a love ~ hate relationship with the new camera at the moment. The more I use it, the more i understand it. Paul
  7. Excellent result John. The Maria's look so smooth. Paul
  8. Thank you for the comments Marius & Paul. Paul
  9. Persevering with a new camera and taking advantage of a recent run of clear skies . Taken with a Nikon D90 & Helios 120mm F8.3 Refractor (prime focus single shot). Link http://www.pbase.com/locky/image/123861868
  10. Thanks John ~ It could well be the pixel density, I have now been reading up on this subject and it's quite a complex for me to grasp. Thanks Resonator ~ I'm making progress, just need to improve on the focus. Paul
  11. Starting to get some where with the new Nikon D90. After getting a bit fed up with my first shots with this camera I'm feeling a little better. I simply wasn't prepared for the difference between 6mp and 12mp. The D90 is not very tolerant if you don't get the focus bang on, it is so much more difficult to nail the focus. I'm not a compulsive pixel peeper but viewing the D90 files at 1:1 do not look as pleasing as the D70. Here is a single prime focus shot from tonight using a 120mm F8.3 Helios Refractor. Link http://www.pbase.com/image/123837672.jpg
  12. This looks really good John, well worth the time taken. Paul
  13. This is outstanding Franck, one of the best I have seen from you. A quality image . Paul
  14. Nice detail imaged Merlin Nice to see you imaging the Moon, you have made a great start with this mosaic. Paul
  15. Hi Merlin Looking at other images, mine looks rather dull and murky. I might just rework this and brighten it up a bit. Only trouble is it usually makes the limb too bright. The D90 is streets ahead of the D70 from an operational point of view but I'm to too convinced about its ouput. Hopefully it will perform better when we get to a 6 day moon. Paul
  16. Excellent I like this a lot. Paul
  17. Had a chance tonight to try out my Nikon D90 which has now replaced the D70. Not sure if I like the D90 files more than the D70 yet . It's early days but I do find this phase and earlier phases quite tricky to capture. Taken with my Helios 120mm F8.3 Refractor prime focus.
  18. Great start, nice exposure. Invest in a T ring and screw it onto the end of the Mak and connect your DSLR directly to the telescope (saves a lot of wiggling ). Paul
  19. I only have Moon Globe and Planets. Really must look around for more Apps. Paul
  20. Nice start. Focusing is the tricky bit and well worth persevering with to obtain the best result. I normally rack in and out of focus then come to the point of near focus and take a single shot then keep on going in the smallest movement possible and take another shot. After maybe 5/6 shots I review them on my PC and toss out the out of focus shots and work on the rest. A bit hit and miss I know but i find it extremely difficult in finding the sweet spot for focusing. Paul
  21. I like the "eye" symbol which is a Nottingham University telescope observing trip to Mauna Kea Observatory, Hawaii (lucky so and so's). They experienced an earth quake while they were there which moved the telescope 1mm. Paul
  22. Yesterday my boss who is not really interested in Astronomy pointed me to this website. Sixty Symbols - Physics and Astronomy videos I work here quite often through my work in various departments and never knew this website existed. The video clips are presented in an informal easy to understand format. Quite a few topics here to boggle your brain cells. Paul
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