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  1. Agreed mate -- had a look at the prices for the Ha solar for my scope LOL -- nearly fell off my chair. Agree as well re the size - it doesnt need masses of magnification as its a fairly large object anyway, so one of the small ones would be ideal. May need to speak nice to santa (the missus) lol. Thanks for all the advice Dave
  2. Brilliant mate. Harperrigg is quite a good one mate, as too is harelaw. If you head a bit further south, there is a good res at badinsgill, but i have often thought about heading down to West Water res -- its a bit off the beaten track, but right up at the dam, there is a nice little carpark, which is sheltered by the hills to the north, but has a fairly decent view to the south, but more important - its in the middle of nowhere so LP should be minimal. If you guys are heading out to any of the res's, let me know as i wouldnt mind joining you all (if its ok with you all), and if the wife lets
  3. Thanks mate for the info. will go look just now, although i fear another big spend lol
  4. Skyq link looks an excellent piece of kit that i wouldnt hesitate to buy. Until I looked up some prices here in the uk. Im guessing its the usual take the [removed word] out of the uk consumer time of year. Celestron have it on their website for $99, yet uk price ranges from £125 up to £175!!!!!. Conversion rate of $99 = £62. so how can our uk shops justify twice the amount for a price tag? i can guess that there is no way it costs another £62 to ship it to the uk so why the over inflated prices. Even paying tax duty on the unit and shipping, i still cannot get it to anywhere near the uk price
  5. Forgot to mention -- my serial cable was robbed from an old telephone handset to give me the 4 pin RG, i then popped to maplin and picked up a 9 way d type and hood (about £1.50 i think), and soldered it all up. I use the software on my mac using one of maplins serial to usb dongles, and have had no issues at all using it. Dave
  6. Nice pic -- love the pink colour LOL. What kit are you guys using to view the proms? I have done a little solar observing, using my celestron and baddar solar film, but have never managed to catch any proms Cheers Dave
  7. What res do you use Lorne? I know pretty much all of them as i do a lot of Scottish Water work. Cheers Dave
  8. I use the auto update program. Its a java script that runs on your mac / pc. It checks your handset and motor firmware version, it then downloads the latest versions from the web and updates. Nice and easy to use. http://www.celestron.com/c3/support3/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downloaditemid=771 This is straight from celestrons website, so your not dealing with 3rd party programs and firmware etc I just run mine and i had updates available!!! i run it just about 2 months back, so it seems they are actively working on it all the time which is good news. Dave
  9. http://www.skyviewcafe.com/skyview.php Nice java web page, with some good info Dave
  10. Hi the frog , Glasgow Astrophysics Group: Observatory Find all your info there mate -- they do, allow use of the telescope to the public. Cheers Dave
  11. Celestron scope is excellent, although i could do with that reduced fstop for DSO's. Im gonna invest in a focal reducer to get that F10 down to a 6.3, albeit with a wider field of view, which isnt bad sometimes. The forrest took me about an hour and a half, and viewing time, well, i screwed up with a few things LOL. Number one, when i left wishy it was 23deg, by the time i arrived with the sun just setting it was about 7deg. Now bear in mind i left with shorts a t shirt on expecting a nice warm night lol, by the time i left it was about -3deg ....... at about 11pm, also i had the wife and kids
  12. even with a quarter moon to pollute the skies heres what i got that night. Not brilliant, as i didnt have the camera on the scope to track round so some stars have blurred slightly
  13. thanks mate -- you see the network rail logo on it? it shocked me as i didnt know they had them, i thought it was only the police....
  14. Next time i go to the galloway forrest i reckon i will probably spend more time with my camera rather than the scope. Its just so awe inspiring when you look up. I spent more time with my naked eye catching satellites flying by and just staring at the amount of stars than i did with the scope. If the field is good mate and the offer is there, then thanks i would look forward to it, and its always more fun when there is more than just yourself on a long night viewing Thanks Dave
  15. Thanks Brian -- will do some hunting. The helicopter thats around quite regular is usually believe it or not network rails one. Theres quite a bit of trouble with theft on the railway, so they are out following the thieves. I have some great pictures of the chopper, with the logo on the side of it.
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