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  1. i am never a biscuit short of a packet i always eat them all along with a gallon of tea but sum how still keep my slim figure got to love how it makes people jelous though or is it that they just percieve me as thin in theyre universe
  2. thats an interesting thought i have to like that the universe started with the big bang and ended with a gentle ripple until it was no more
  3. I always used to say that the matrix was real and that the matrix made the film so we would think it wasnt real and just a film but everyone said i was stupid but it makes sence to me so glad you said what you have
  4. awsome will have to check the books out as i love readng not into gaming much other than classic snes where did you get the dvds from that have sales on as they sound very good:headbang:
  5. How do you know if the tree has even fallen in the first place if no one is around?
  6. How right you are but thats the simpsons theory whats yours:headbang:
  7. an awsome thread great to give a real idea of size comparison great pics and the scopes arnt bad either;)
  8. Hi everyone I am interested on theorys of the universe and want to know yours to see if anyone has any off the wall and awsome ideas as i find it interesting what people might think the wackyer the better. such as what is the universe expanding into if theres nothing before the universe then theres nothing for it to expand into and any other ideas about anything then please put up a post. one theory i have heard is that the solar system could be classed as an atom and the planets and the sun the nutrons and electrons and that the earth could be a cancer cell and the looking at the bigger pi
  9. I agree it also comes with new binos as well as i got them over a week ago and managed to se nothing as the clouds just cover everything even sayt when it was clear i thought great just to get out side open the case and look up to see nothing but a sudden appearence of clouds where and how they coverd everything in 2 mins i will never know except your theory seems to explain it all so makes you wonder:icon_scratch:
  10. In responce to simms to me you can not beat a bit of classic snes mario kart bring it on ha ha ha
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