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  1. Clear skies here but not set up and up early for work first clear night in too long!
  2. Seemed like it over emphasized on Mars on this first episode though looking forward to tomorrow's, sounds more up my street!
  3. Some further information (if it helps) on what I'm using at the moment: Skywatcher 200P Dob Skywatcher Explorer 200P, EQ5 Mount I did have a Skywatcher Evostar 90 as my first scope if that would be better for practice on but I handed that down to my cousin who began getting interested in the hobby, but not sure how the mount would stand up to a heavy camera with no counter weight. I do have an okay budget to spend at the moment on new equipment if needed but only looking at camera's at the moment to get started so I can spend some time practicing whilst we have long nights before changing scop
  4. Ahh is it? That's a good thing to note, would the Skywatcher 200P be better with imaging? I'm just looking for lunar and planet's right now whilst I'm starting out and probably wait for much stronger scopes until I went for any imaging further afield.
  5. I haven't looked much into CCD's at all and would hardly have a clue (well not that I have much clue with a camera on a scope right now), is the standards a lot better? I'd be using imaging primarily on my Dob hopefully if it's any help on what I should be investing into
  6. Wow rushing home from work to have the scope out and get set up has me breaking a sweat, now just to hope the cloud clears more!
  7. Hey, After having a full year of cracking down on knowing the skies as much as possible and going through a lot of new equipment I'm looking at getting my first DSLR for astrophotography. I've been looking at the Nikon D3100 and was in Jessop's today but couldn't really get much information from them on how good it would be for what I want to use it for. Does anyone have any recommendations for camera's so I can get my hands on one? Thanks in advance!
  8. I have to agree that the site looks nice! But on mobile it goes all funny and doesn't show it's splendour
  9. It's raining alllll night down south where I've come to see the transit and none light polluted skies
  10. I've come down to the south just for this with all the stuff, right out in the countryside with hardly any light pollution....andddd not had one clear night! Already bummed about that but the spam of every forecast I can find isn't helping the depression about the transit COME ON CLOUDS PLEASEEEEE SHIFT IN THE MORNING! I'm still setting an alarm to get ready and will prey to the stars above that the clouds will break!
  11. April has being a bad month for the weather ;< It will frustrate me now as my birthday present of a new scope got unwrapped today so I have a Dob to try out, incoming more cloud though
  12. South/Southeastern I like the best
  13. I signed a while back when I first saw this post but it doesn't seem like its got very far at all perhaps all who want reduced light pollution do have to take it into our own hands. We still have a voice and a right to voice our opinions.
  14. I'm hoping for M51 as a main goal for tonight were suppose to be clear tonight but we were supposed to be clear last night but had to cloud dodge
  15. I think the BBC use a lot more money on David Attenborough and Top Gear. Cox just has a thing with helicopters, never seen him not use one in any of his program's.
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