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  1. I'm not sure on my star facts but I do know is that the colour of the star most likely determines it's size, I've seen a picture of the size of stars by it's colour and our sun sits close to the half way point In the picture, blue being hottest and biggest
  2. An enjoyable report and brilliant sketches Seb! Just want to say that binary stars interest me aswell.
  3. Well I'm not sure if I did I got out last night too, well about 1am this morning. And I was facing SW still hundreds of stars I could see and this constant orange glow from the town of Sudbury which didn't affect the sky. I managed to see mars rising from the west to east Orion and Sirius was blocked by a giant tree SW
  4. Is there an end to the universe? Well that's a hard question because no one simply knows and my brain hurts thinking about it, but I've read somewhere that the universe is constantly expanding since the big bang due to some dark energy of some sort pushing it all away ( apparently ) but I personally think that this should be split up into two sections of what we can observe and what we can't obvserve and to me that's the end of our universe due to technology. But we've only had the technology to observe as far as we can for the last 60 years. I'm more of a visual person so as I think this the more my brain tries to draw it resulting In head strain. But I don't think there is an end to it.
  5. Rain and cloud here too. So tonight is a miss for me I believe.
  6. Yeah it does kill the dark adaption. Whe pay day arrives I'm planning on getting some kit.
  7. I did have fun even though I was out there for a short amount of time Thanks for confirming the constellation for me, I couldnt really check at the time because I didn't want to bring out an iPad in these conditions so I had to remember the location then point my iPad in the general location With the goskysafari planetarium app (has a night mode which is red) through the walls of the house. When it doesn't rain I might sit at the garden table with the stuff I need to gaze for an hour.
  8. 19 Jan 2012 1am - 1:25am The winds howl as I prepare to go into the abyss amongst the stars that our forefathers would gaze upon. Clear skies (odd few clouds in the distance) as I go outside I look up and I'm awe stricken at the natural beauty the night sky holds and at it's size as I try to comprehend how far away these objects are and yet they watch over us every night, something we take for granted. As my eyes slowly adjust I almost fell to my knees at the sight of all the stars, so I start to raise my binos to gaze upon the sky. The first star I decided to look at and the star I did adjustments on was Procyon a star that is 11ly away. I struggle to keep the binos still due to the wind and cold but still I gaze. I then try to find Sirius but at much disappointment it was blocked by a tree facing SW then I swivelled towards west to gaze upon a group of stars (don't know what they are called can't find them with my app) and watched these stars all of them in this group was in my view there was a least 7 of them ( aranged in like a v sort of shape) after a few mins of gazing at these I decided to move onto my next target, a bright reddish light ( later confirmed as Mars ) I decided to gaze at this planet ( couldn't see much of it) but due to the wind and me shivering I decided to call it a night. This concludes my vague and short session, I stopped because I couldn't hold the binos still in the weather condition and plus I got a little bit emotional. Hope people enjoyed this
  9. It's far too windy for me to go outside at this moment so I decided to test out binos within the house to see how they are. Bare in mind I need glasses but they are currently smashed up miles away. When I kept both eyes opened up I'm pretty much seeing the same image ( kings mill loaf of bread ) in two views stacked so I close my bad eye and view with my good eye but it's blurry I focused it and better but still burry, I moved this 2 setting dial ( 60 and 70 ) and no difference, then I closed my good eye and opened my bad eye and the view was perfect and I'm puzzled by this , the binos are a 15+ year old pare of tascos zip 10x50 in about 20 mins I'm going to go outside and gaze regardless, but I don't know how to solve this. Is it just because they are old? Or is it because it's mincing my actual glasses for my bad eye but doesn't explain my good eye?
  10. Yeah the clouds always come to hug the scope. But one cloud can cover the whole country so it's cloud season I guess?
  11. If the spotlight becomes problematic then I will, the thing is installed just under the top floor window, so its useless for them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed Craig. I'm observing with a pair of binos, but I did go out with my gosky app on my iPad and played spot the constellations and spot the planets for a bit to try and improve my navigation a little bit.
  12. Earlier was the perfect time to observe but I couldn't because someones annoying giant 500W spotlight angled so it goes to our garden so you can't see. Clouds were clear and there was over 200 stars in view of just one spot in the sky. So i planned to gaze at about 10 or so tonight but now the clouds are here and it's raining! This was going to be first session in over 5 years I'm Hoping the rain will stop and The clouds pass for later...
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