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  1. I saw saturn last night for the first time as well.. Been wanting to see it every since i got my telescope and now can cross that of the list of things that i wanna see!
  2. Hello and welcome to SGL forums
  3. Hello and welcome to SGL forums
  4. Hello and welcome to SGL forums!
  5. Hello and welcome to SGL forums :-)
  6. Hello and welcome to SGL forums!
  7. Hi and welcome to SGL forums
  8. At the moment i only observe from my back garden so luckily the only thing i have to worry about so far is the security light when someone drives through the opening to get into the carpark. I know i will end up going further afield and prey that nothing happens.
  9. OK i really feel stupid now... Checked stellarium looked at the satalites BUT... didnt change the location it was set to Paris France and not Lowestoft UK i now feel really small and stupid.. On earlier news it was Koronas-Foton satalite i saw for sure but cant remember the other one Int-something so i was not seeing things so that part im happy about :-)
  10. nice to hear people getting clear skies :-) on other news i dont think they were satalites not according to stellarium so back to looking at what i can find.. :-)
  11. Excillent will take a look thanks
  12. I believe (correct me if im wrong) that people usually go for 10x50 or like you said 15x70 but i believe that the 10x50 is alot easier on the ol'e hands and arms as there lighter and more stable when holding.. Like i say this lot will correct me if im wrong. I just brought a set of olympus 10x50 dps1 for £48 on amazon reduced from £100.. But... the people here will be able to give alot better advice on bins and scope (when the time comes) then what i could as im only just getting into it myself :-)
  13. does anyone know if there were any satalites over head west ish from my location (lowestoft) because i see 2 moving "objects" (not planes) one was heading north and the other was heading south. Was just wondering as i dont know what they are and have no idea on where to look for where the satalites are.. Anyone have any websites or anything to be able to track as to where these are at all please?
  14. Clear skies here in Lowestoft so looks like im going out in my back garden with my new bino's (Olympus 10x50 DPS I) and my iPhone with stellarium and give them a good testing
  15. hello and welcome to SGL forum!
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