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  1. I think the advance warning of an announcement is only to allow any media services to be prepared for it. I hear rumours that it is to do with asteroids having rings.
  2. Hi Bob, Welcome to SGL from another IT person. Is COBOL still being used? I haven't touched it in about 5 years! Tim
  3. I was wondering if anyone had attempted Question 6 of Part B in the assessment yet? Where you need to produce a HR diagram. Mark stated that we could either do this manually and then scan it, or try and produce it electronically. Does anyone have any idea what would be the best tool to use to create it electronically? Tim
  4. If you did the first classroom like myself, you might be interested to know that Mark has posted the transcript from the second class. It includes a few more examples which you might find useful trying for yourself. It certainly helped me.
  5. I'm also finding the university's interface confusing and painful to navigate around :-(
  6. I’ve not found it too bad so far. I did the Coursera “Introduction to Astronomy” last winter and it forced me to brush up on my maths considerably. I’m with you on the sidereal time problems. The exercises are successfully exposing my lack of real understanding in that area. I’ve read the first three sections so far, along with the related material in The Universe (I can’t imagine not using this optional resource, it adds so much more detail), and I’ve just started on the first assessment. I thought I was doing badly when I only managed three multiple choice questions in an hour, but the next question took an hour on its own. Looks like plenty of late nights ahead. I’m doing the online classroom tonight. Tim
  7. I have (literally) just received my induction letter, so it's looking good for starting next week.
  8. Welcome on board John. You will find the eLearn Blackboard through the students portal. Mine currently says that I am enrolled on no courses, but I spoke to UCLAN today and they said this will be populated when they release the course material on 16th. October.
  9. Thanks for the update Rae, great to have a concrete start date at last. If any of us report when we can see course notes, then anyone missing them will know that they need to do something about it.
  10. I found some of the stuff provided by the OU useful when I did the Coursera course last year. It is here http://www2.open.ac.uk/students/skillsforstudy/if-you-get-stuck-with-maths.php
  11. I see. Thanks for the heads up on the Experimental Methods book, I'll look into that.
  12. Has everyone else already paid? I thought one of the options was to be invoiced once the term has started and I went with that?
  13. Keep us posted on how the Cosmology course goes, I expect some of us will be looking at that one next year.
  14. Great to hear from someone that has been beyond the intro. Olly. How much time would you estimate that you averaged per week on each module?
  15. I ordered the book last night, and I've now got Citrix working on my iPad as well. It was running it from Chrome that was giving me download problems. I've switch to Safari and it all seems fine.
  16. Cheers. I had missed the book, I'd better get that sorted out. have you managed to get the Citric stuff working with your iPad. I tried it a while back in couldn't get it to work properly.
  17. I applied 5th. March and received my offer on the 15th. March. I expect they might be a bit busier this time of year.
  18. I have paid nothing at the moment. I took the option of paying in full on receipt of the invoice, which I seem to remember they stated that it wouldn't be set out until after the course had started. Seems a funny way to do business.
  19. Your e-mail should already be set up. Go to www.outlook.com/uclan.ac.uk and use username@uclan.ac.uk as your e-mail address, and your password is the same as the one for your main login.
  20. Thanks for the heads up Geordie mc. I have my account set up, e-mail and Citrix all set up too, what is the next stage of the process and when should I expect it to take place? If you can give us any idea we'll all know when to start chasing if it doesn't happen.
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