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  1. That's my plan for next week when it's clear enough. I've done the setup that I can do in the house like the polar scope centralisation etc. Now for some observing
  2. Well just found someone selling the ADM/Vixen dual bar and he mentioned he was also selling the Skywatcher Synguider Autoguider so he's doing me a combined price of £250. So that works out really well
  3. I'm not really surprised by all this to be honest. My sidelines are electronic design (photographic camera control systems and professional photography. I suppose people just getting into photography would be gob smacked at my £300 tripod or £2000 camera body. I was just a little surprised. I do like my mechanical equipment to run smoothly and precisely though and I do get the remote control thing. If I had the space for an observatory I suppose feeding the camera's output back into the house would be nice. I am actually getting a Baader Smartguider 2 at the end of the month but will be designing and building my own system after that. I latest camera control computer would already do whats needed for mulitiple exposures etc over time. Once I find out whats really useful I'll redesign it specially for astro and might even do a build one yourself thread but I'd probably have to speak to the site staff first
  4. Basically what I wanted to do.... I will probably treat myself to something else later in the year for that purpose.
  5. I haven't been well enough to use it but set it up yesterday as per a set of videos on youtube (inside). It was too cloudy last night so hoping for a clear night as soon as possible. To be honest I could probably do with someone who knows what they are doing coming round and going through it with me Having taught people how to photograph in my studio it is clear that some things are just better shown than read about.
  6. Is there an issue hanging a camera off the normal focuser then? I was going to use my D700 which is a not insubstantial body!
  7. Thanks Kheldar, I'm not looking at getting one at the moment! I was just interested in knowing why people would spend that kind of money on one. I have other, more important, things on my shopping list to begin with
  8. As one of the new members because of Stargazing live I must say that I am hooked. I have been interested in astronomy and astrophysics since I was at school and it was a close thing between computers/electronic and astro physics in the end with computers/electronics winning (well it was 1990 and computers were big then ). Anyway I've learn't a lot more since then and really look forward to any deep discussion about sub atomic particles, super nova, black holes and the like appearing on TV. I missed the first episode of Stargazers Live but caught the 2nd and 3rd (watching the 1st later on iPlayer). Anyway I for one am hooked and was lucky enough to find someone who wasn't anymore getting me a full setup as a swap. Looking at the newbie/say hello section it does seem rather crowded and quite a few of them live near me too. Hopefully it will all go from strength to strength.
  9. Just been browsing the FLO sight and came across Baader's SteelTrack and SteelDrive replacement focuser and electrical control for the focuser. £500 seems like a lot of money to focus stuff! I see that the Baader autoguider can control it but is this just one of those "what else can I buy?" things. Seems like a lot of money to me for something trivial or am I missing the point?
  10. The history: I was selling a package of portable studio lighting in order to put towards a scope and then miraculously found someone selling a complete scope setting to buy a portable studio setup so we swapped We were both selling about £2000+ of bits but were both hoping to get about £1200 so this way we both got a lot more. The main reason I did it was because with my research I wanted an NEQ6 pro synscan and the kit included that so at a £1000 I was effectively getting a scope and £500+ of eyepieces for £200 as the mount had only been used twice, was all boxed up and was what I was going to buy anyway. The scope I got was a MAK180 The question(s): The MAK180 is a £700+ scope but there seem much larger scopes costing much less. I'm not complaining but why would someone spend £700+ on this scope rather than say £400 on a much larger 10inch Dob ? What are advantages and disadvantages of reflectors, refractors and Maksutov reflectors (I think that is the right term). What are people's views because it is clear that some people like one type over another? Why is one better for planets etc and one for deep space, I would have thought that bigger is better?
  11. I've spoken to FLO and they don't do rings for fit the MAK180. It's 22cm in diameter. Looks like it might have to be a dual dovetail bar after all unless I can find someone that does rings at a similar price!
  12. I appreciate what you are saying but dovetail bars could be knocked out in quantity quite cheaply as basically they are just flat bar with an angle cut off each side and some holes in it. The clamp brackets are not exactly complicated and once the machine is set up and programmed it could knock out quite a few an hour. The equivalent photographic clamps are considerably cheaper but still need making. I would go down the dual bar route BUT I think that the rings method is going to be best for now
  13. Yes just checked and the MAK180 just has a long dovetail along the bottom.
  14. My long term plan is to replace the MAK180 with a 250PDS so it may well be wasted later as the 250PDS already has rings fitted. Might just be best to get the pair of rings and be done with it then at least it is only £37 lost BUT saying that they can they with that scope anyway.
  15. FLO sell them in pairs here: First Light Optics - Skywatcher Telescope Tube Rings for £36.75. I'm assuming the 182mm will fit my scope (I'll check later) I've so far got the price down to £40 each for dovetail clamps and I already have a spare dovetail bar.......
  16. I build camera control computers. I can get a lead which connects a 3 pole 2.5mm jack plug to Nikon 10 pin, Nikon mini USB, Canon jack plug, Canon 3 pin, Sony etc etc etc for about £3-4. The same cables are £25 on an astronomy web site I've found for connecting to guide computers. In fact the 6 pin guide cables they charge £10 for are 50p Maybe I should start a side line in astronomy cables and brackets for 10-25% of the current price
  17. Excellent. I am probably going on Saturday if I am well enough.
  18. Hmmmm. This is where I start looking for alternatives and end up spending even more That's TWICE as much as the guide scope nearly!
  19. Thanks John. Does seem like a lot of money for what you get. The rings appear a lot cheaper at about £38. Doesn't the weight of the guide scope and camera etc cause any issues with the main scope if you are using rings? I think I would rather use a dual bar but that price looks ridiculous.
  20. Blimey that looks expensive for what it is!! One long piece of metal slightly angled (dovetail bar) and two dovetail clamps! Hmmmm.... but thanks for answering the question..... really quite expensive though.
  21. I have a NEQ6 pro with a MAK180 ( http://www.firstlightoptics.com/maksutov/skywatcher-skymax-180-pro.html )and I've just got an ST80 to use as a guide scope. I bought the ST80 that comes with the rings around it and I have a spare long dovetail. What do I need to stick on my shopping list in order to attach the ST80 as a guide scope? I've looked and seen rings that go round the MAK180 and double bar things but I am not sure if I need one or the other. Also do I need a wedge? I've been told they are optional off one person. I have a manfrotto tripod head that would possibly do the same thing, is it worth using that? Thanks.
  22. Well there are lots of us in West Lancashire There are a group of us from around Preston discussing going over to Todmorden Observatory. They have a meet every Saturday and it's even nearer for you. Have you seen anything else, it's been quite clear for the last couple of days.
  23. Hello You could get a Kenko 2x TC (Nikon ones are more expensive and will only work with specific lenses!) and give yourself the equivalent of 600mm which would get some nice moon shots etc. But I'd check this out with others because although I know about cameras I'm VERY new to this
  24. Hello. I feel like that myself. Reading about everyone else's triumph and issues. My kit is all sat downstairs (hoping to get at it shortly but just got out of hospital). The whole light pollution thing really is a spoiler. My entire kit came from someone who couldn't use it due to light pollution. I've got a 60' tree to one side, a line of houses behind me, my studio to the other and over the fence is a small car park with two street lights!
  25. It'll be down to that Brian Cox chap and Hello.
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