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  1. Thought so but was just checking. Number of alternatives.... GEL battery Lead acid leisure battery Alarm batteries I have seen some 35Ah Alarm/fire batteries at £28 which would give 4x the power of most 12v starter boxes.
  2. OR connect the crocodile clips to the battery terminals which would save more leads.
  3. I'd like to see inside of the box. I would add a couple of USB sockets with a regulated 5V supply and if possible remove the air compressor and stuff a second battery inside.
  4. Right this is just the first one I found on ebay. The price is about right for a 7Ah but notice the postage! Like I said locally 17Ah under £15 which would double your power but you can get 35Ah for about £28 which would TREBLE your power: LUCAS 12V 7AH Rechargable FIRE & BURGLAR ALARM BATTERY | eBay Just connect the two terminals of the battery to a power plug and plug it into the charge socket.
  5. What do you mean build yourself a leisure battery modd?
  6. You do realise that you COULD use a small leisure battery plugged into the charge socket on this device to extend the power or more likely you could buy a 17Ah alarm battery and plug that in. This would make this device 35Ah in total and the invertor and other sockets would work with all the power. If you do buy an alarm battery to extend this device then DON'T get it from Maplin they are 3x as expensive as other places. Our local trade electrical supplier sells 17Ah 12V alarm gel batteries for about £12.
  7. At todays prices of whatever they are maybe £7 per pack I have saved 20x365x7 just short of £18K
  8. It even has the screw hole in the plastic near to the lower screw.... Think it's a match....
  9. That looks like an even better match. Right down to the gap in the black plastic and the sticker.
  10. There is no handle and the front element end is different
  11. Quick google search based on the information on the end of the scope gives: Eclipse Makview6 152mm f/12.5 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope No idea if it is the same scope but it could be......
  12. As an electronic designer/nerd I like building my own stuff when I can but this power tank is actually pretty good. It's a handy shape to carry and with a handle it is easier, you get the free lead and it has 17Ah, 2 sockets, the invertor, a light etc etc. You could probably use the tyre inflator with a football inflator as a simple compressor to clean off dust from stuff too.
  13. Arrr so there are more 2nd hand sites It is SUCH a shame that the classified section on here has been ruined. As I said, I'm a mod on a camera forum and the classified section take 2/3rds of ALL the moderating!! So I can see why they have pulled it. The number of people profiteering even though you can't always prove it. You only need 1 in 200 for havoc!
  14. We didn't go today as I had to go all the way to Derbyshire to collect some stuff earlier and wasn't up to it. We're away next weekend but it the weekend after is decent (18th) then we will be going from Bamber Bridge. You could pop over and dump your car here.
  15. You might have to Google it on your phone! Only real way to say as it's not the kind of thing they blazen all over it.
  16. I was speaking to Wayne at Billet parts and they are possibly doing some more astronomy parts. I told them we want to see dual dovetail adapters for under a hundred pounds and he said he was thinking about it Anyway the MS lifecam adapter is back in stock now.
  17. The 12V is a nominal figure like 1.5V per cell for normal batteries. A car cigarette lighter socket will chuck out 14-15V when the car is actually running.
  18. How much power does a EQ mount & SynScan use though the night? - A power pack is the only remaining thing I need to get! The above power pack is 17Ah so more than twice the power of the normal ones which are 7-8Ah. A small leisure battery would be cheaper and give more power but you would need to add the cost of the two sockets and this power pack is a lot more convenient. I had also considered a couple of 10Ah alarm system batteries which I can pick up for £20..... What do you think of the aluminium cases? I seem to be keeping peli's balance sheet going as I buy cases 5 & 6 !! EDIT: With the 200w inverter, 17Ah, dual 12V sockets etc it's not at all bad really!
  19. I found an advert yesterday on Astroboot and I collected a SynGuider, SynGuider power adapter, EQmod USB link and an ADM dual dovetail bar for £200 plus a tripod. Biggest problem is that you don't know the people you are buying off. This chap was absolutely fine but you never know. I hope that they do restart the classified section on here but I understand the issues being a mod elsewhere myself.
  20. I posted about this last week. It runs linux so hopefully with the source code being available it should be possible to recode for the ARM.
  21. They'll be grey imports and the manual and software are probably in chinese so they remove them so you don't realise. Apparently Canon's warranty is worldwide so it's less of an issue than Nikon where the warranty is in the country of origin!
  22. Excellent. It's great when a plan comes together I'm just sat waiting for Mrs C before setting off to pick up a dual dovetail bar and Synguider for £170 plus a tripod I wasn't using. Having had to deal with the issues created by a forum 2nd hand section I know the problems that must have closed down the one on here. Shame really as it cuts down on deals that might help other members. Hope the improved camera helps.
  23. If you have the cigarette lighter lead you can buy a female cigarette light to two crocodile clips cable for a few pounds from ebay, a camping shop or a car parts shop. If you check out a camping place you can get smaller leisure batteries in the 25/30Ah region. That is more than 3 times as much as most car starters which tend to be 7-8Ah.
  24. ... and it includes the Hitech Astro power supply for it too
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