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  1. There are sections of the M6 in Lancashire that are now unlit in the middle of the night too. I think it is a good idea really, especially if you live near one!
  2. There are a few companies doing this with lenses which is reasonable enough but seems a bit strange for scopes etc. Wouldn't going along to a star party or something like that to check out kit work out a whole lot cheaper
  3. I know your pain.... I only have neighbours to one side and they are very reasonable but there is a small car park to the other side and the street light had been broken for years. Then I get a telescope and they fix the light !! £2000+ of equipment that is now ruined for use in my own garden.
  4. I agree, it does seem a bit of a pointless announcement if they are not going to say anything.
  5. It's just annoying that all the days when the best observing is possible are the ones I'm working :-( Oh well.....
  6. Excellent. One of the best sights in the solar system
  7. This is the theory I would quote if someone asked me but there are now newer theories which don't quite fit with that one apparently. I've not had time to look into them in much detail but that theory did seem to fit with the facts.
  8. So might I I'm not an absolute expert on the latest theories.
  9. The most important thing is keeping the battery in tip top condition by topping up and not letting it go flat.
  10. I agree. I've been like that with electronics etc. I'm still trying to get my head round all the messing about to set my kit up
  11. There are all manner of objects floating around outside of galaxies....
  12. Is it not that the Higgs was produced for a short time in the collision rather than became visible at that point. The inability to see the Higgs could be because it only exists in this instance ? > Maybe ?
  13. I agree there have been a number of theories about planetary formation over the years and all of them seem to answer the questions posed by the previously held theories. I think that there would not be too many arguments about pluto though, it is just simply an object from the Kuiper belt which has ended up in an altered orbit in and out of Neptune's orbit. Pluto isn't even the largest drawf planet at least one other Kuiper belt object is larger.
  14. E=mc2 Energy = mass x 'the speed of light' squared (ie a very large number) Energy and mass are interchangeable..... eg 1 = if we take a large unstable atom like plutonium it is like this..... 'large unstable atom' = 'smaller atom which might be stable or not' + energy eg 2 = if we take two small atoms under immense pressure and heat then squash them we get.. 'small stable atom' + 'small stable atom' = 'larger atom which weight slightly less than the other two' + energy or H + H = He + energy .............. You might be interested in this one being a member on here So if we ignore radioactive fission, fusion and radioactive decay etc. then we all the atoms simply flow around in a cycle much like the water cycle. It might take eons but the atoms in your body will eventually become part of something else.......
  15. In a few years I plan to move somewhere darker out in the sticks and would love to build something like this. The photos reminded me of building my garage and flattening 2.5m3 of ready mixed concrete
  16. Has anyone had a mess with the Raspberry Pi? I have a whole selection of Arduinos in the workshop. The 1284p is a useful device which has a lot more space for sketches and more RAM plus an extra serial port and more connections. If anyone wants help with getting a boot loader on one or making their own PCB design just give me a shout.
  17. Absolutely. It is so thin that it just washes anything else away. It really is best as a water disperser/cleaner. Silicon spray is pretty good too and without the black stains :-)
  18. I bought the brackets for side by side mounting from the same chap as the auto alignment gizmo so it worked out quite well. I haven't used it yet though ! My scope doesn't give me the option to stick it on top. Is the big advantage of piggy backing just that it is cheaper?
  19. I'm still having issues setting up the GOTO mount, think I need to find someone locally to show me how to do it right ! If I follow the instructions I downloaded it takes half my viewing time setting it up.
  20. I really do need to get into a local club, get some tips and get chatting with people.
  21. Thanks everyone. The time it takes to setup is so long it becomes an issue. The Skywatcher ST80 which was supposed to be dualed up for keeping the camera locked on target seems like the better option most of the time. How long does it take people to setup their mounts?
  22. I've got a decent scope, decent mount, decent eyepieces, a guide scope, camera mounts and all the other accessories needed but I get home from work wanting to get out and have a look but it's too cloudy. Then when I do have a clear night I'm GOING to work or have something else planned that I can't get out of. It's hit my astro mojo! I'm making a serious effort to get out and being stopped at every opportunity ! I might have the kit of someone that knows what they are doing but I swapped a load of stuff I had for most of my kit and just picked up the guide scope stuff separately! I'm still an absolute beginner Any tips for getting your astro mojo going again?
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