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  1. ?? The Atmega 328p has 32K of Flash which contains the program code. The boatloader is written onto this Flash storage at the beginning and is the software used to allow the 328p to talk to another computer for the 'program' to be uploaded. I have built a number of devices from scratch using the 328p and the larger 1284p if anyone has any questions about them or needs help with the electronics or programming side then just shout. I have a MEGAUK circuit board manufacturing setup so use this regularly. If anyone needs Eagle files for the basic board etc again just shout.
  2. I recognise that one too
  3. Arr then I did see it Brilliant stuff, looking forward to having a go too.
  4. Lithium ion batteries only have a finite life. If they get completely flat and are left like that it can kill them. They are designed to show as empty when they still have a little charge in order that they don't actually get flat. You probably just need a new battery or two.
  5. Fantastic images, much closer and we might be able to see foot prints
  6. Brilliant Did he comment about it?
  7. Thanks I'm hoping to put the electronics to good use with this part of the hobby too. I don't want to jump in too quickly like I normally do so will be sucking the knowledge out of my fellow members until I am happy I have the right kits ideas first
  8. My part time job is a mix of professional photographer and electronics but whilst I am in the middle of my current electronics project the photography is on hold. My studio has become a store room It does stuff like this
  9. Thanks. The "cowasaki" name has been used for maybe 14 years now I am looking at selling off a load of battery powered studio lighting/ring lighting stuff which would net me maybe £1000 plus maybe £500-1000 extra. I have a large selection of Nikon photographic equipment from film FM, F80, EM etc through into digital D200, 300, 700 so looking at what I need to use the Nikon cameras for astro photography. I have just realised that I have another member literally 1/2 mile away so will speak to him too. There is too much light pollution round here to do much that is serious so it will be lugging it up to winter hill or another location nearby I think. Possibly looking at 8-10" telescope but not even sure on which type is ideal. I am looking at a motorised mount to do some longer exposure stuff - My electronics work is involved in controlling cameras so that might come in useful
  10. Robbie, On a clear night I could probably see you then I am in Bamber Bridge too. Near to "The Pear Tree" pub.
  11. Thanks everyone. Not sure why my avatar isn't showing.... Well now I need to find out what I need. I understand the principles because of my astro-physics interest i.e. hefty tripod, mount, scope, eye-piece/camera mount. So now I'm looking through the forums.
  12. Well I've just signed up. I have been interested in astronomy for as long as I can remember and nearly did an astro-physics degree but went down the computers/electronics route instead. I am interested in all the theory side as well as the visual side. My interests are electronics, photography and computers. I am a moderator on Talk Photography (fellow TPers may recognise the avatar). I am working on camera interfacing equipment and build electronic devices for capturing water drops etc. I have owned telescopes in the past but mainly when I was young and unfortunately light pollution ruined the experience. I would love to combine the hobbies and start taking some photos. One of the reasons for joining is to find out what I need and get advice off people who know what they are doing.
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