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  1. I'd just arrived at a concert and putting my phone on silent BBC news popped up with the announcement. Such a shame RIP.
  2. Maplin have a cracking little aluminium torch for about £2 that has 3 LEDs and runs off 3xAAA batteries. Totally waterproof at atmospheric pressure and you can do the nail varnish trick (or replace the LEDs with red ones).
  3. You could install Windows on the Mac as well as MacOS and run both. It's a thought
  4. I can't help you directly but if you have bought a USB serial adapter then you DO have a serial port because that is what they do, add a serial port. What OS are you using? Windows>>>> Does it appear in the device manager? MacOS>>>>> Does it appear in About this Mac/More info/System report? If the serial port appears on your computer then does the software to update the firmware ask for the serial port name? If so has it selected the right port?
  5. Or they came across a Peruvian flag. They were clever people them incas. (apologies in advance if my history/geography is wrong here )
  6. I think it has a lot to do with size too. Most larger boxes seem to get stopped. There is a personal limit under which you don't pay duty but you have to bring it in yourself for that so it's not going to help. It's a roulette job with stuff from the US and Europe. To make things worse if there is a duty charge then Parcel force (as with most other companies) add on a handling fee so that you end up getting a double whammy!! I had an £18 fee on something from the US about 18 months ago.
  7. Yes, a very good book indeed. I bought it and had a good read. Definitely worth posting detailed questions on here to avoid getting kit thats more suited to something else !
  8. I hadn't considered it before. It's rather sad that they didn't have a proper replacement for it though. I remember watching the original launch sat on the floor at school in the hall
  9. I bought one of these myself a while ago but still haven't got round to using it as I'm having difficulties setting everything up. Just spoken to someone locally who has offered help so hopefully I'll be in a position to have a go myself. Your images are great, I love that final shot.
  10. Not only does it need to be a clear night but several clear hours as it takes me so long to set up my kit
  11. I have a similar problem it's called day off = cloudy !
  12. With photography I've been cutting foam out for years, usually just using a new snap off blade knife. Never heard of the freezer trick before! What difference does it make?
  13. I need to check for how to get email responses to thread! I missed this. I have extra weights with the mount so that should do it when I get to that point! I sort of went over the top getting the ST80, brackets and guide scope before even making proper use of the main scope. I swapped some camera equipment for the main scope and having read up on here and elsewhere it seemed like the way to go but I am trying to run before I can crawl with this kit. I've actually had most enjoyment just using the ST80 on a tripod and finding the target manually. I still haven't got to grips with all the messing around calibrating where it is pointing and stuff
  14. An interesting looking mod. Looking forward to seeing some results. Strange that the sensor should fail, is there any visible damage? could it have been a bad connection and when you plugged the other in it worked? Not sure about the 1100D but the connection from the main board to the sensor, is it a ribbon? If so have you tried swapping that over to check if it is just the cable?
  15. You have a master switch which is good. Yes the design of the outlets is correct. I would use waterproof sockets for each one.
  16. There was another thread on this issue and this was highlighted. A more elegant solution I would think: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AC-Adapter-Canon-ACK-E10-ACKE10-EOS-1100D-Rebel-T3-/110706024115?pt=UK_Camera_Cables_Adapters&hash=item19c697deb3
  17. I think most traffic lights should be switched off between midnight and 6am too. Just change it so that the amber light flashes dimly or amber and red on dimly. I drive a lot during the night too and being constantly stopped by traffic lights at junctions where there are no vehicles coming the other way is a pain.
  18. As an electronic engineer I would say that you should be careful using phono plugs for power. They are not designed for it, they are designed for audio or video. If one gets dropped then the inner and outer can easily short on things. Better would be a plug and socket designed for outdoor use and with a screw shoulder or other like these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-Way-Waterproof-Multiplug-Connector-/150951519876?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2325696684 or http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-5mm-Waterproof-2-3-4-Way-AMP-Superseal-Wiring-Connector-Pairs-Car-Boat-Van-/200741369972?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Components_Supplies_ET&var=500054189433&hash=item2ebd1e3874 These were just two random ones I got off ebay simply to show what I'm talking about.
  19. This is VERY funny. It would be worth building one just for the laugh bringing it along to a star party as a joke
  20. Excellent shots. One of the girls from work was in Australia for the past few weeks and she was telling people how totally pointless and rubbish the eclipse was! Philistine!
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