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  1. I had this on a skywatcher red dot finder, sometimes it would switch on and sometimes it wouldn,t. I found the spring that makes the connection to the battery wasn,t making a very good connection so gave it a small tweek , now switches on every time. John
  2. Have a look on scopes@skies astro jumble they have one at 50mm for £1.50 John
  3. Hi Stephen it,s a 10 mm thread and is 55mm long from the base of the plastic nut. I hope this helps John
  4. Hi if you use velcro take care if you use the heavy duty one as it will make the tube rings smaller and you may be unable to do up the rings. I know, tried it with my 200 skywatcher and heq5. John
  5. Hi Douglas, you may find this site useful. don,t have the link but it,s http://www.12dstring.me.uk/astro.htm go to camera and eyepiece field of view calculator,it gives you a good idea about what you can expect to see. John
  6. It,s only the 24mm thats different to the others as the smythe group cannot be removed as far as i know. John
  7. Hi all just found my own answer on cloudy nights forum. Aparently you remove the 1.25 ring and replace it with the 2" ring then add the smythe group from the 21mm eyepiece to give you a 4/12mm zoom. Does seem pointless when you might as well barlow it in the first place. John
  8. Hi all i have a 21mm and 13mm hyperions and read somewhere about swapping the smythe group from the 21mm to the zoom to make it a 12mm to4mm. Has anyone tried this as i was thinking of buying the zoom. Thanks John
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