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  1. Thanks for a very interesting read Andy, would,ent part with my 100rs John
  2. WD40 also gets rid of sticky residue and won,t damage paint John
  3. Try ebay for a surveyers tripod bag, perfect fit for my heq5 steel legs about £16 ish John
  4. I fitted the revelation duel speed low profile to my 200p and had to drill new holes in the tube, but a great focusser for the money. you may also need an extention for some of your eyepieces to come into focus. John
  5. You could always use an "O" ring on the bottom of the barrel to raise it up a little so as it wont foul the screws? John
  6. nobbytate

    Hi from Essex

    Hi and welcome to sgl from another Essex stargazer
  7. If you have a refractor screw one filter into the diagonal and the other to the eyepiece then you only have to rotate the eyepiece to adjust the brightness level
  8. Thank,s for the heads up 2 on the way for me also John
  9. RIP Sir Patrick you will be sadly missed by all of us.
  10. Great man will be sadly missed
  11. I bought a mk 11 a couple of years ago works perfectly at all temperatures,very satisfied. John
  12. Hi Adam and welcome from another essex lad!!
  13. I have a mark2 and it performs very well, try using an "O" ring on the barrel to raise it up a bit, makes doing up the screw in the diagonal easier and is cheaper than a parafocal ring.
  14. Guess i,ll stick with my mk2 then no problems and love it
  15. Went there christmas 2003 and could count the number of clear nights on one hand but a beautiful country. Spent two months touring both islands in a camper van. It did seem strange seeing orion upside down
  16. The original post was from 2006, might have something to do with the price??
  17. I use an o ring on mine, raises the eyepiece just enough to tighten the screws on the diagonal John
  18. I had one of these and it was excellent value for money, upgraded to the baader for the wider f.o.v. John
  19. Happy birthday and many more of them.
  20. It would make a great finder scope??
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