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  1. That's a good question. Personally I think of amateur astronomers as those of us who "do science" of some kind or another. Meanwhile I sit in the garden and gormlessly stare through a tube. I feel like I don't deserve to be called an astronomer, more of a stargazer!
  2. Nice shot! The horrid mist that's been hanging around here isn't showing any sign of relenting, doesn't look good.
  3. Wall to wall cloud in central Scotland...typical!
  4. Cloudy here at the moment, nothing new!
  5. You folks all have lovely pictures! I grabbed my 60D when heading out but neglected to bring a tripod so my efforts consist of hand-held 3 second exposures at ISO 1600. Only got the red beams in one picture. Oh well, you live and learn! The horrendous glow coming from the bottom right is Glasgow to our north.
  6. Sorry for the double post (don't have edit permission yet!), but with regards to my previous post it appears that the green band I reported at half 11 is in fact not the aurora but an aberration due to the filter on my lens. It seems that it wasn't visible from town despite it being quite vivid from the moors only 30 minutes earlier. Fickle indeed!
  7. Have you had a really good scan through your images? The reason I ask is that I took a 3 second shot in my back garden at half 11 after getting back from the moors nearby, I thought there was nothing in the picture until I stood up to go downstairs and noticed that the polarising effect of viewing the monitor from above had revealed a dim green band! It was about 25 degrees from my location, over the lower half of cassiopeia. You might have caught something just as obscure!
  8. Albireo and Almaak are lovely doubles for comparing colours. My favourite is Hind's Crimson Star. To my eye it looks like the dot from a red laser pointer shining back from the blackness of space, it really is crimson!
  9. It's starting to clear here in Scotlandshire, here's hoping it stays that way!
  10. An update from Karl Battam's blog: http://www.isoncampaign.org/karl/schroedingers-comet The speculation continues!
  11. Well this is turning into a right emotional roller coaster!
  12. I found ISON quite easily using Stellarium to note the pattern of stars around Spica. Despite that irritating moonlight it was obvious in 8.5x44 bins and I managed to track it for 20 minutes or so into the twilight before losing both the comet and the circulation in every extremity! Also saw a nice bright sporadic meteor, Mercury (but no Encke ) and a good ISS pass so a good morning all round. ISON's alright but it's no Lovejoy.
  13. Signed, up to 23,600! Nicely done everyone.
  14. I feel that Jon Culshaw has his place on the program and has obvious enthusiasm for astronomy but I agree about that presenting voice of his. It's pretty hard to listen to. Yup, it was an absolute pile of mince.
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