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  1. Hi all, Please can anyone recommend a good sturdy tripod for use with a Canon 1200D camera for astrophotography, I'm looking to try taking star trail pictures etc? Thanks
  2. I really enjoyed it, never saw last year's so can't compare but I learn't a few things from the show and also understood all of it, having been massively interested in Physics and Cosmology since I was in my late teens. Even the Wife watched the second and third episode and was hooked, asking questions so that she could understand what they were saying etc as I think some of it would go over many people's heads, but then, if you didn't get any of it, you wouldn't have been interested in watching it in the first place. Great to see the pictures that members of these forums have taken!
  3. Hi Lynxi, I'm also from Hull and the North Lincs Astro had also suggested I come along some time. It's good to see they have a once a month meet up so will be going along some point soon.
  4. Thanks for the mention buddy and Welcome
  5. Just got Stellarium on my PC, iPhone and iPad. Brilliant piece of software!
  6. Hi Hex, unfortunately will not be able to make it, I do Football on a Monday night, I'll be watching the Skygazing Live on BBC though.
  7. Still looks very impressive!
  8. Hi everyone, new member to SGL here, my name is Paul and I'm from Hull in the UK. I've been interested in Stargazing for over 16 years now and bought my first telescope when I was 16 years old. I'm now 32 and still have the same telescope! It's a Tasco 114mm Newtonian Reflector and when I was younger I remember getting great views of Jupiter's red spot and 4 of it's moons. Last year I showed a friend of mine what the planet's look like through my TS and it gave him the bug. He had planned to buy his first TS and luckily got one as a present for Christmas, he loves it and has had some impressive views taken with an iPhone, it's made me want to get back into it all again. Unfortunately over the years parts have gone missing from my TS, random screws disappeared which mean't the Finderscope can no longer attach to it, and the counterweight also disappeared. Last night I had a quick look at Jupiter but got so frustrated with trying to view it through the scope that I decided it was time to buy a new one. As budget is tight, today I've just ordered the Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ-MD with the accessory kit (2x, 15mm, 6mm plus moon and planet filters). I'm also wanting to start playing around with taking pictures of my findings but I don't have an SLR, just a plane old 6.3MP Fujifilm F10 digital camera so have opted for a Universal digital camera adapter to see if I can get any good pics. I've browsed through some of the pics on these forums and am astounded and the quality some of you are getting. I could only dream of gettings those types of pictures. Hopefully some day that will happen!
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