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  1. Which is better, Goto or manual ? there really is only one way to settle this.....FIGHT !
  2. I spent the evening doing countless trips out back, and looking up all I could see was thick clouds, then as if to tease me the moon pokes its face through some thinner cloud..however, tonight is looking very good for clear skies here in Suffolk...fingers crossed...
  3. I always try to turn a negative situation into a positive one, and the only thing I can think to do about cloudy skies is to make the most of it when it is clear.
  4. Had my new scope two weeks now and have had one clear night, I checked the weather for tonight and one site says rain, another clear, guess I`ll have to wing it...
  5. My scope usually lives in my study at the front of the house when not in use, but its a pain lugging it through the house to my garden, well i have a workshop out the back but there`s two motorbikes and other stuff in there so I came up with a plan, I now have one of the bikes in my living room freeing up the space required to put the scope in the workshop and halving my scope set up time. oh, and before you ask, yes I am single ( the wife ran off with the copy machine repair man at her works a few years ago, seemed bad at the time but in retrospect was one of the best days of my life)
  6. yep, got a box full of clouds with the scope
  7. thanks all, hopefully the clouds will stay away although it will probably take a few nights of indoor work just setting the scope up, but lets hope that the night sky is not "obscured by clouds" (pink floyd fans will get that pun)
  8. Here Friday should be my new 200p heq5 goto..I envisage a Friday night in, unpacking boxes and bolting things together to a pink floyd backing track, note to self...only a couple of beers until its all done.....
  9. I notice in the spec for this scope that it has an autoguide port for astrophotography. couple of questions spring to mind, whats the autoguide port for and if its not used can you still attach a dslr to the scope and take pictures ? thanks
  10. Hmmm, Interesting, I am soon to be buying a new scope and have pondered the goto or not question myself, I must admit I`m in favour of goto, but also understand the pleasure in finding objects manually, then again after a while using goto I would imagine you get to learn the sky and can find your targets without it...I`m all in favour of technology that makes life easier..after all, who uses road maps anymore ? when we have sat nav to goto (ahem) where we need to be.
  11. ah ha, I have unscrewed the top of the scope focuser/eyepiece holder and taken out the two eyepiece retaining screws and my camera t piece screws directly onto it without needing to use the T piece adaptor, thats given me approx 15mm more inward travel, might still not be enough, will give it a test tonight. Its still gonna cost me tho, have already told my nephew im getting him a telescope and hes all excited...
  12. I was thinking of a 200p with a eq5, and give my 130 to my little Nephew
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