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  1. Ok I confirmed. It's Jupiter. Whys it so huge? (that's what she said)
  2. Hi all I am currently in Thailand and noticed a rather huge planet-looking thing in the sky. Whereas mars might look like a pinpoint of slightly red light in the USA, this thing has some "meat" to it. It's really quite noticeably larger than any planet I've seen in the states. And it has a beige, off white, tan shade to it. I'd kill for a pair of binoculars right now. Any idea what it is? Is the angle of Thailand just a much better, more direct view of the night sky? I have an iPhone app and it's telling me that Venus and Uranus are almost aligned tonight, so maybe it's that double plan
  3. Thanks guys. Going by what "the masses" will enjoy, I think amateur astronomy will remain a small group because the dumbed down masses want visuals. That's just my opinion based on my understanding of human nature. I think the technology that would truly make the hobby take off would be the simple experience of having people over, walking them out onto your balcony, having them lean over, peer into an eyepiece, and see a full-color blown up Andromeda galaxy in front of them. That right there would make this hobby wildly popular. But as I understand it, that will never be possible. Somet
  4. Just so everyone knows - some of the "footage" in that video is actually just taken from Google "Moon". Download Google Earth, and there's an option to zoom down and go "street view" on the moon from any possible angle, in computer rendered "high definition". You can do the same with Mars. The 360 view of the moon at the beginning is 100% from the google program.
  5. Well now you know just how much of a newbie I am. Can I ask what the draw is for you guys if all you ever see are black and white smudges? It honestly seems more frustrating than fulfilling. Maybe the hobby is still in its infancy? Would waiting 10 years for the technology to improve be worthwhile? Or have we reached the limits that amateur telescopes will ever be able to provide?
  6. Hi all - I know literally nothing about amateur skygazing so i hope you can give your input on a couple questions for me: 1) I happened on this guy's amateur astronomy photograph site and was pretty blown away by his photos. I mean seriously floored. He says he took them all with a Vixen ED103S. Here is one example: http://www.seeingstarsnm.com/uploads/M31_sum_proc9.jpg Is that possible? This looks like a hubble picture to me! 2) Secondly I looked at the Vixen ED103S online and it looked like it was a fairly small telescope in the picture. Like something you could stand next to on your
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