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  1. Wow! Judging by the shadows i guess you needed the height to view over something? Is it still solid enough with all those joins?
  2. I'm going to install a fixed solid mount to replace my tripod but I'm wondering if a solid wooden post would do? A large metal pole will be unsightly and potentially dangerous… anyone tried a wooden mount?
  3. Hi, Ive treaded myself to a collimator over Christmas as I was getting some poor views when I last used my scope... I am just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice before I start?! I read somewhere that it would help if I had a centre mark on my main mirror but i don't know how to find the exact centre?! Any comments welcome here....
  4. First clear skies for me this winter and a great shot of Jupiter to start with
  5. Thanks, Im sure there is an open source progam avaliable though that was similar?
  6. Hi, I have purchased a new DSLR and rememberd seeing some software mentioned on these forums that allows you to control your imaging from a PC? I cant remember the name of it... can anyone help?
  7. thanks for the replies... Think Ill download skysafari as its only a few £££. Might dig out the skyx cd that came with my scope first though and see if it will install on the MAC
  8. Hi, I changed to a Mac during the year and I used to use some great software on my PC for working out where things were such as The SKY X. But now on the mac I'm looking for something similar. I have just seen Sky Safari (MAC edition) which looks quite good? any users? Looks like it will do what I want...
  9. what is the name of the software that you can use to control your camera from a laptop/pc? Have seen it mentioned before... I've also purchased a wireless shutter release
  10. Thanks I will try these suggestions. whats the advantage with RAW? Can I only stack with RAW or will JPEG work too?
  11. Thanks for the replies. Interesting comments about using it with the lens kit on the telescope - didn't even know this was possible. I have a T piece adapter but think that only works with no lense. as you say will have to experiment. Any issues using bulb mode? How long for a good shot?
  12. My first DSLR arrived and Im still figuring it out. Cant wait to use it for some Astro photos. Any tips or advice for this camera?
  13. Hi Gina, I've decided to spend some money and gone for a new weather station (the solar version of the W86-81) Just wondered if you have used this one or still using the original? I had to do something after the bearing went in the anemometer!!! Slightly off topic I know!
  14. Thanks for the pics Olly... Given me something to think about! I saw in another thread somebody using a wooden post driven into the ground... another idea that wont spoil the garden!
  15. Hi Olly, Any chance of a picture? It does sounds like an idea but id want to be convinced it would be solid?
  16. Hi all, Im moving into a new house soon and intend to build a pier for my 130 Newtonian that could last me into the future. I already have a nice solid metal box section with bolt holes at each end (actually an old combine trolley draw bar extension!) I intend to get 4 pieces of threaded bar and concrete them into the ground... But I was wondering if anyone had any useful tips before I start? I had thought about having the threaded bar below ground level so that I can always remove the pier but then it would fill with water!!!
  17. Nice image Gina... Im a regular visitor to Dunkeswell (the airfield)... Often stay at the lakeview. The terrain is so undulating there are plenty of "dark" areas for some good night sky imaging. Still Honiton doesnt give too much light pollution...
  18. Dave7a Thats an outstanding job! Can I ask though what kit ur using - I get a bright white dot (and four white dot moons) when I try to focus on Jupiter... Are you using a filter???
  19. Amazing build Gina... I think you need a water butt on that downpipe to help finish up
  20. Me too - I find these more than enough... They are all telling u the same thing but these are the easiest and most simple to use...
  21. After a disasterous start imaging Jupiter I have finally managed to produce some good results of the moon: I have to say I am really pleased with this. I know that it is not as good as some of the wonderful images on this forum but it is my first real astro image and it shows what can be accomplished with a little time and effort!
  22. That's a brilliant idea! Using the reusable hand warmers (that I didn't think much of) is a great way to keep the laser warm on a cold night
  23. Hi Gina, The adapters I already have are: ND96 Moon Filter #11 Yellow Green #25A Red #47 Violet #82A Light Blue Any idea if one of these will do?
  24. Yes I use the motor to track... I takes a while to setup as there is quite a bit of play in the adjusters so the motor has to "catch up".
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