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  1. +1, thanks for the info, looks like it will be on iPlayer afterwards so something to look forward to on Monday night.
  2. Thanks for the update Dave. Yeah, it's difficult to see the motor numbers without taking them out, well done for your perseverance! Unfortunately I don't have a C8, I've been looking out for one on and off but I have a 1981 C5 which used the same base as the C8 and it's not easy seeing them. Sometimes, there is a space between the first and second digits, sometimes not, I guess it depended on the chap stamping the numbers. The motor dates are quite handy for cross checking as they give the earliest date the scope could be built but there's a bit of an unknown in how long they sat on a shel
  3. Hi DaveCongratulations on your new C8. As yours has the sand-cast mount (holes in the forks) it will be pre 1976 (the other give away is the 2 prong power socket on the side of the base rather than a 3 prong one in the bottom of the base), Celestron changed to the die-cast mount sometime in the first half of 1976. Is the last digit of you serial number 3 or 5? Given the rest of the numbers I would agree that it was produced in 1975 and I would expect the last digit to be a 5, not a 3, but maybe the Celestron chap stamping the number picked up the wrong die. And is there a space between t
  4. No regrets re sales, mainly because I've never sold a scope yet but I'm still kicking myself for not bidding on an early 80s orange tube C8 which also came with a multi-ocular holder. At the time I was laden with a cold and didn't fancy a 5hr drive each way to collect it. It sold cheap too! Big regrets!
  5. Also need to check local voltage, is it 110v? and whether you need to reverse the direction of your RA drive if in Southern Hemisphere - older scopes with synchronous motors will need the motors changed - they may also need a change to the orrect frequency - 110v is usually 60Hz compared to the 50Hz for 220v systems.
  6. Great to hear! Thanks for the news.
  7. Two clear nights in a row! Better seeing tonight at 21.00, I could almost make PanSTARRS out with my naked eyes - sometimes I thought it was there and sometimes I didn't. Tonight I dragged out the Dynamax D8 and as the comet was low in the sky I had the tripod legs extended to give me a clear view over the boundary wall and shrubs so it was a bit of a stretch reaching the finder but I picked up a faint smudge in the finder and had a look through the main scope. What a surprise! Quite a change from the night before, tail almost gone and nucleus pretty faint..............then it slowly dawned o
  8. Got my first sighting of PanSTARRS tonight! I had begun to despair of getting clear skies before the comet faded from view and was very surprised when I took the dog out tonight to see stars. I rushed back in, had a look at the finder chart in Sky at Night mag, and grabbed my Glasgow made Barr & Stroud CF 24 8x30 binoculars (from the 40s or 50s when we actually made stuff in the UK!) and was pleased to pick up PanSTARRS low on the horizon but showing up clearly in the binoculars. Despite the cold, the binocular view was so good that I was inspired to quickly set up my recently acquired
  9. Yep, and they will rely on some people lowering their defences in their rush to grab what appears to be a bargain price when, for example, Ace Cameras are selling the Birder model (basically an OTA) for at least £3k. James
  10. That Q7 is a scam, the text and pictures come from an Ebay listing in Sept 2011 by a seller in Fontana California. I first saw the Q7 Gumtree ad in Sept or Oct last year when the seller was in Newcastle, the ad is now in Moray, it sure gets around, and every seller seems to have developed a bad back. James
  11. Bingo! Pretty much every Q I have seen on Gumtree or Craigs List is a scam. A bit of Googling, as here, usually reveals the original American Ebay or Astromart ad that the text and pictures have been lifted from and the ads don't read right for what should be a British ad, like this one with no explanation as to how a 'scope from San Diego has ended up in Glasgow. The other giveaway is a suspiciously low price, Q's are mucho expensive, take a look at the prices on the APM site in Germany for an example. James
  12. I've had the following reply from the Airdrie Astronomical Society: James
  13. Anyone know the history behind this old telescope which appears to be quietly rusting away in a field near Fiddler's Gill, Braidwood? Seems a shame that it's not being looked after. James
  14. Thanks, that's good to know! James
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