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  1. Although I've had my ED80 for a good few years, I rarely get out with it, very much to my great shame! Over the years the chunky cumbersome equatorial mount has been a struggle for me to handle, and I've really lacked confidence with the whole set-up .... Which is a right shame as I've invested in a wide range of quality eye pieces and I've realised from numerous other reports just what a capable wee scope an ED80 actually is!! Well, tonight I went some way towards conquering some of my equatorial demons and had a wonderful couple of hours under the late summer night sky .... As I have
  2. Hi guys Really interesting reading all these posts on such a challengingly double-double, and quite inspiring too! I'm not very experienced with observing binaries, I guess that there are many many much easier doubles/multiples to look at first! But in theory, what chance would you think that an ED80 would have with Struve 1964? Clear skies, Donaldo
  3. Hi Gus, Yes I'm still very interested. I'm happy to make a PayPal payment to you (£67), how would you plan on shipping? Royal Mail or courier? Could I PM you my work address please if you are shipping by courier? Thanks, Donaldo
  4. Hi Gus, I'm very interested in these binoculars, are they good as new? Original packaging? How would you prefer payment? Best wishes, Donaldo
  5. Hi guys not sure if this is the appropriate place for this post, but can anyone perhaps advise or recommend a reliable and comprehensive astronomy app please? I only have an iPhone 6, but would value a really good night sky app that has accurate graphics and is good for up to date astronomical events .... And access to useful catalogues too. What do you guys recommend? Many thanks, and clear skies to all, Donaldo
  6. Hi guys, thanks for comments and thoughts ..... Always appreciated I've obviously got myself in to a wee bit of an EP muddle .... It'll take time, but I'll sort it I will say though, irrespective of my 'equipment' or my years that I use my equipment, I'll always feel a novice under the stars! Donaldo
  7. Hi folks Even though I've had my Orion ED80 over 10 years now, and I've used it more regularly in the last 12 months or so, I still feel a complete novice. I upgraded my bog-standard Sirius plossls with a Pentax XW 10mm and a Maxvision 24mm, quality EPs that I will always be happy with I know. Then I jumped on the BST ED bandwagon, good quality at a very bargain price, and got an 8mm and a 12mm .... I expected them to Barlow well too with my Orion Shorty-Plus. I really think I should've gone for a TV 3-6 zoom ... Instead I've done utterly mad and random things like buying Orion deepview 32
  8. Thanks guys I think I'll give DSLR imaging a go first with my ED80 before I ever take the CCD plunge ... The images are amazing though, I never thought such detailed deep sky photos were at all possible with a very humble 80mm scope .... Even some of those lunar and planetary shots are awesome too! Very well done all you guys!!! I hope that one day I can do similar, but I'll have a lot of learning, and almost certainly much more spending to do first I expect!!! Clear skies! Donaldo
  9. Hi guys, amazing images!! I've got an Orion ED80 and a manual equatorial mount, with an electronic drive, and a Canon 40D (unmodded) .... I don't have a guide-scope but I've got a right-angled 9x 50 finder .... All these images are so beautiful and inspiring, but can I really produce anything like them with my 'very basic' set-up? What about Jupiter and Saturn? I really want to give imaging a try now that I've seen what an ED80 can do, but I really doubt that I'll succeed so spectacularly as all you guys have done! And I'm really not sure I'll ever get to grips with a CCD!! A DSLR is ch
  10. Hi folks I am really not sure if I've done a 'sensible' thing or not .... No sooner have I just got a lovely pair of [working] Pentax 10x50s but then I find myself buying a pair of Hilkinson 9x60 'BCF Lunar' model bins .... I just couldn't help myself! All day I've tried to say NO! It started with a recent post that I was reading this morning about a Hilkinson 11x70 that the owner loved for astro viewing .... I had a look for those and came across the 9x60s .... At £60 I just couldn't say no, in the end! I know very little about them .... Japanese made, fully multi-coated optics, long e
  11. Thanks for all the comments guys .... I'm going to give the Pentax one more chance ... I've read far too much good remarks about them to let this 'experience' put me off .... Respect to Stan that owns 5 of them!!!
  12. Hi folks I've just received today a pair of Pentax 10x50s PCF WPII bins and straightaway I've found a major problem .... Upon unlocking the focus wheel, the focus wheel still does not focus! It just won't budge even a mm! I have, let me repeat, unlocked the wheel, let me assure you all! Has anyone else found this to be an issue with these bins straight out of the box? If they are just 'stiff' then they are unusably so! At this very point in time I will have no choice but to return them to a certain online 'river' company .... I am so disappointed I expect i'll just ask for a refund I
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