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    ccd camera

    Has anyone taken a punt on this yet???
  2. I am working on a write up of this guider, other things just getting in the way... As an update, I have swapped the relays for a Darlington array ic and done some testing connected to the mount (eq3-2). Results are promising, I have also connected to the guider using wxastrocapture and it responds to the guide commands. It was getting native support from wxastrocapture that was the main reason for building the guider, this will enable me to guide from linux I did some kicad work and have board artwork ready to produce a test board...
  3. The auto guiding preps have progressed well. Tonight have prototyped an lx200 command compatible autoguider project. Using an attiny2313, relays (what i had available, might upgrade to optocoupled transistors) to switch eq3-2 hand controller switches shoestring style. LX200 commands implemented are: :Mn# slew north :Me# slew east :Ms# slew south :Mw# slew west :Qn# stop north :Qe# stop east :Qs# stop south :Qw# stop west :Q# stop all Focuser commands to follow... If anyone is interested in a write up, code or possibly programmed uCs let me know... I may do a layout and etch some boards also... Other upgrade would be swap the MAX232 for an FTDI and power from usb, does anybody know of a through hold usb/serial ic? One of the FTDI leads with the chip moulded into the usb plug is also an option but at ~£15 pushes the costs up...
  4. Hi all, Looking at getting the gear sorted for the winter and am looking at getting a guide scope made up. I have been meaning to upgrade the standard finder on the 150p to a SW 9x50 rightangled one. Has anyone used one of these as a guide scope (I know the strait through finders are quite common) and maintained its use as a finder (I mean, use finder, remove eye piece, install guide cam) If this cannot be done, has anybody ever used the standard finder as guide scope? Cheers, Kev
  5. Hi all, I know that capture cards have been discussed recently, but I use linux on my laptop and have had real trouble getting the easycap (genuine) to work... Any suggestions of a card that has good linux support? Thanks all,
  6. I'd be up for a meet at bentwaters. Do you mean on the base or the outside of the fence?
  7. Although, slightly bias, I too think the showcase is worthy of a sticky, mods?
  8. Well, alot has happened on here since my last visit... Not been on in a while as some scallies under cover of darkness ripped all the phone lines out of the ground for scrap copper, this was days ago and still not back! It was the lack of showcasing on that very set up (150p eq3-2) that inspired me to start the thread and I'm very glad I did, I had a feeling that the gear was capable of some good imaging, but nothing like what has been shown here! I'm so impressed and ultimately pleased with what I could potentially achieve with my gear... And quartermass, as I have found you posts somewhat inspiring, I think if we start the showcase thread again next year it should be titled "A-Team Astronomy 2013" in light of your last post...
  9. Hi starfox, I have not tried as I do not yet have a dslr (am using an lx modded spc880nc, which went well and is now tested and working ). However I believe its the same as the 200p. You can unscrew the 1.25" ep adapter from the 2" and a T-thread is revealed ready to accept an adapter. This is how mine is anyway, it was certainly sold as being able to take a direct SLR connection... As for the eq3-2 ali tripod, all I can say is Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I have seen some on here filling the legs with sand to stiffen it up, I contemplated filling it with concrete, but decided it will do for me until I get something else, then when I sell it, it is standard. I find it not too bad as long as I dont touch it, or breath on it, look at it, think about looking at it..! I will say though, its a good job I didn't get the 130 on an eq2, as it would have probably been the end of my interest in astronomy...
  10. Hi Starfox, I have looked at the 150PDS, however, I already have the 150p on an eq3-2, and having seen some of the results obtainable with it (mainly on sturdier mounts) I think I will stick with it for some time... At the very top end of what I could spend when I upgrade would be £500, but that is pushing things, additionally, I'd like to get set up guiding also, which I could do if I went second hand HEQ5 mk1 or second hand EQ5 Goto (or standard). I guess it will depend on whats available at the time and how much I want the convenience of goto... hopefully I will get to a star party or meet up prior then and have a good look at an eq5, as i suspect it would meet my needs (provided, I don't want to upgrade the OTA). The other showcase thread is look great by the way!!!
  11. I stand corrected, it is the new HEQ5 to which I'm referring... If I do decide to go HEQ5 route it will be with second hand gear anyway, so the black version would be a contender... As I said in the showcase thread its at the discretion of the poster to determine the validity of the budget status of the gear. If any body does post at what others consider beyond the scope of this thread (lets face it, it will at most be boarder line), they can simply use those images as a comparison to the gains (or lack of) to using better gear.
  12. And as Rik has shown it highlights the differences between that "all importance" HEQ5 and lower end gear... Hopefully once I have a bit of knowledge on the eq3-2 and funds become available (around 12 months) I'll be upgrading to an HEQ5 for my 150p and will be able to do some before and after type comparisons as Rik has done... However, I may take the money saved on not getting an HEQ5 and go for an EQ5 GOTO, as I am learning that the EQ5 would be stable mount for the 150p... decisions, decisions... At least I'm skint and have got plenty time to decide! lol
  13. Don't worry about this thread becoming a discussion, its good discussion! Starfox, I would agree that your setup puts you just outside the concept, as I would describe what you have as the often quoted "minimum requirements for AP", and this thread is about what can be achieved below this "minimum". However if your images show a difference in what you have been able to do, this discussion part of thread may be an appropriate place to post them, to aid in that discussion. But not in the mostly modest showcase... Cheers
  14. I have started a new thread to just contain the images http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-deep-sky/180293-mostly-modest-setups-dso-showcase.html#post2205342 Could those who have posted images here, add them to the new thread, and keep any discussion on this thread... Thanks every one
  15. This is a follow up thread for drawing together what can be achieved using modest imaging set ups. The rights and wrongs of the equipment to be included are detailed here http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-deep-sky/179722-budget-dso-showcase.html This thread is essentially to showcase images your proud of that were taken on less than what is generally thought of a minimum required kit. i.e HEQ5 mount etc. Essentially the posters are responsible for deciding if they think the kit qualifies or not and this thread is not meant for debating if that decision was correct or not, direct these debates to the thread linked to above... Hope this works, as some really cracking images came about in the above thread and it would be nice to see some more! Hoping to post some myself one day... Moderator note: Remember the idea is for this to be a showcase thread not a discussion thread, so please no chat, and no comments on the photos either please (put that in the other thread ) Thanks
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