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  1. Finally got a go at Jupiter with my mono cam that I purchased last August ! Have a 3 month old daughter added to the flock too so just haven't had the time to get back on here. Anyway, I was happy with the finer details this has started to show and alas its the less interesting side of Jupiter ..always seems to me that the spot is only about at the most unsociable hours when its clear ! Thanks for looking. Taken with C11 HD x2 powermate Black Fly Mono RGB JUPITER SG.tif
  2. Thanks guys your too kind :-) Yes the seeing definitely declined which was apparent in the processing which I kept the same for each frame but the output varied. I was very surprised at the movement , which looked insignificant.
  3. Hmm that didn't work as planned...so any pointers on uploading straight to SG (without an outside link..or even avoiding You Tube ) would be much appreciated for any better ones I get in the future. Thank you Simon
  4. Here is my first and rather crude attempt at a rotating Jupiter in red channel only for 39 mins. Always wanted to try it and so treated this as a test thing to have something to learn with so here it is. I had my first go with my Black Fly on Jupiter Friday night and was surprised at the size so had to put my 2.7 barlow away. Anyway things didn't go to plan for the still colour captures really could have been focus or seeing or me being a prat, either way I was a bit rusty on this and an old PC I've stripped for plant captures was not being nice to me either. Anyway, after negotiating s
  5. They are looking really good Jake , particularly the IR version :-) id be happy with those . Judging by the GRS I'm assuming you were outside about 4.30 ish as was I for once! I had to do numerous deals on the girls and our 1 month baby girls shifts to get out undusturbed ! Very rusty but got going after a while. No idea on the outcome .... Will take a while to grab the time to see what mess I captured , so I'll hope they come out half as good as yours . Nice to see Jake thank you. Simon
  6. Still nicely done Simon , despite the limitations. Always nice to see. Thanks :-)
  7. Still nicely done and really good to see. Top job :-)
  8. Krys, you should come back over for one of the star parties the island has. Visitors are always welcome here..especially astronomy ones !
  9. Incredible work ! thank you for sharing that's simply amazing !
  10. Top job. Love the colours you've got out.
  11. Fantastic ! Where do I start with so much high quality imaging ! The animation of the two Moons is incredible. The details on Ganymede and that you have cleanly split the row is simply amazing ..and then you have animation with it ! Wowzers :-) As always your Uranus images really lead the way with such accuracy. Thank you for showing the differences in capture and the raw outputs. It's good to see Mars is still there and considering its tiny and off the menu really to get anything , it's even more outstanding to capture in its most difficult state to such quality. (Bowing lots over the inter
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