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  1. Hello all, Was on here the other day asking for a frat recommendation, but then starting wandering through the imaging threads and saw people singing the praises of the 130 PDS. I'd like to do so imaging with DSLR on EQ3 Pro (I know it's not great but best I can afford), for the Moon and Orion/Pleiades/Maybe andromeda? It'd be unguided for now but looking at getting an auto guider. I'm very tempted to get 130 PDS +coma corrector etc from FLO, and it all comes in at a fair bit less than the WO ZS71 +FF/FR I was looking at. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm interested in what sort of exposu
  2. And NOW I've seen the lightwave 72. This is so hard.
  3. Oooh! Seems a fairly similar review to the ZS71 Sky at Night gave. Nice scope, with some colour issues but not horrific. That makes it so much harder now.
  4. And there are no other refractor of similar speed and cost. What about the ts quad?
  5. Wow that's amazing Olly, and those lunar shots are lovely too. Looks like it's zs71 then, I do have a 200mm prime somewhere but of unknown age, Have to see what I can do with that as well. One last question, is it the WO flattener 6 I'd need for this scope?
  6. That would certainly be in contention, I could do with a little advice on the relative merits of the scopes though. Just looking on the Altair Astro site now, Starwave 80ED + flatterer and EOS adaptor for 499 is certainly tempting
  7. Hey all. Realised when I came on holiday the skies are much clearer in Cornwall, so I have renewed my interest to actually own a lovely jubbly frac. Some advice could be appreciated though! Budget ~£600 I already have an eq3-motorised (best I can afford) Preferably, I'd like to get things like Orion, Pleiades, and the Moon. Last time I was looking I was quite taken with the WO ZS71, but I don't know if there's been any developments in the last two years. A quick Google pulls up fairly old sites so that was of little use. Portability would be a factor, since it'd all be being lugged around by
  8. Wow, that's amazing. Didn't think an unmodded camera could pick that much Ha up. There is hope for my astrophotography aspirations yet
  9. Haha, aside from the camera thing. It's just 'as nature intended' as I'm no good at processing it.
  10. Would this http://www.maplin.co.uk/compact-battery-jumpstarter-with-260-psi-air-compressor-353895 be any good for powering EQ3 Pro?
  11. Right, this is an utterly untouched image fresh off the camera. No stacking, no processing! Just as nature intended (if nature doesn't mind light pollution being filtered out) Canon 550D 50mm with Astronomik cls clip filter. ISO 800 20s f/2.8 I know the stars are a bit funky, the polar alignment was simply, point polar scope kind of near Polaris, I just wanted to test out the new mount, (EQ3 Pro). So this is Cassiopeia, with what I believe is Andromeda Galaxy just creeping in on far right of image?
  12. Thanks guys. Think I'm going to get just a mount for now, already bought a range of camera lenses, and happen to have a prime 200mm. So they'll do for now :-)
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