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  1. ... but unfortunately only 5" diameter af f/8 (Takahashi FS128 refractor) on STL camera through Halpha, L, R, G, B filters. Total exp time 7h50'. Click on this small image to go to the corresponding page with several versions and crops : http://sguisard.astrosurf.com/Pagim/M8-FS128-STL-SGU-TDE.html Stéphane
  2. Thanks a lot to all of you. Yes a great place, not much atmosphere left above Stephane
  3. with FSQ106, STL camera, Ha, R, G, B filters and 11h40min exposure http://sguisard.astrosurf.com/Pagim/IC2177-FSQ-STL-SGU-TDE.html Clear skies, Stéphane
  4. http://sguisard.astrosurf.com/Pagim/Another_World_At_Night.html Stéphane
  5. ... and STL camera, from Chile. 6h20min exposure : http://sguisard.astrosurf.com/Pagim/M104-TOA-STL-SGU-TDE.html Stéphane
  6. Thanks to everybody for the nice comments. Twisted Lip : For Astronomical landscape/monument pictures I use Canon 5dII camera. My lenses are the Canon L serie ones (14 / 24 /35 / 50) ... these are the fast (but I never use them wide open), heavy and expensive ones .... but there are very good and much cheaper alternatives to these ones, for example Samyang 14 and 35 mm etc .... Stéphane
  7. Hello everybody, Thank you very much for your comments and nice words about the image and my website. Merci beaucoup Olly !! Stephane
  8. ...with TOA150mm refractor and SBIG STL camera and nearly 13h exposure .... http://sguisard.astrosurf.com/Pagim/SGU-TD-M42.html Stéphane
  9. Hello, A recent view from Paranal observatory, Atacama desert, Chile : http://sguisard.astrosurf.com/Pagim/Paranal-MW-Lemmon-PANSTARRS.html Stéphane
  10. ... before the end of the world ? http://www.astrosurf...ichen-Itza.html Stéphane
  11. Hello everybody, Thank you very much for your comments and nice words. Indeed, the sky there is really very good, transparency and seing as well. Best regards, Stephane
  12. Here it is : https://vimeo.com/43271480 Stéphane http://www.astrosurf.com/sguisard
  13. Hello everybody, A few wide field pictures and panorama from San Pedro Martir Observatory (Baja California, Mexico). http://www.astrosurf.../Pagim/SPM.html Images taken with Canon5dII and wide field lenses (14mm / 24mm and 50mm) Stephane http://www.astrosurf.com/sguisard
  14. Hello everybody, Here is a page to share (with Northern hemisphere people ) the pictures and time lapse movies of Comet Lovejoy I made from the Andes close to Santiago de Chile on 23rd and 30th December. Los Cielos de Amrica, Lovejoy Comet I hope you like, Best regards, Stéphane
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