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  1. Hi there, Its no problem at all. I welcome all your comments. Its now time for me to upgrade the guide camera to a QHYL-ii mono to take advantage of this new ed120. I did see the ascension triplets but after all the encouraging comments for the ed120, I thought it better to go with the majority. This should be better than my spc900 for planetary images, perhaps?Regards, David
  2. ED120 is now ordered and on it's way! Thank you to all for the help and advice. Of course, this does mean that there will now be a week or so of clouds!!! David
  3. Hi there, Chris Many thanks for such a comprehensive answer. I think that I will go for the ED120 DS-Pro. I, like you, was impressed with the build quality of the Altair Starwave but it is all down to optics at the end of the day. I will post up how I get on with the photography and am really excited about the new scope! Once again, many thanks for your advice. Dave
  4. Hi Chris. Many thanks for your reply. I will have a think. I do have the NB filters but haven't tried them out as yet. I didn't want to lengthen the imaging time. I will have a look at the triplet pricing. David
  5. Thank you. Hi Chris. I wasn't planning on doing NB imaging but I don't really have the budget for a full apo and wondered if this would be a good interim scope and a step up from my ED80 DS Pro? I have a 200P but it's really a bit bulky and awkward to keep turning the scope around in the rings to find the eyepieces and camera and telrad. Do you think that there would be bad 'fringing' with the ED120? David
  6. Hi all, I have a dilemma. I'm not sure which of these scopes would be the better purchase. I would welcome any advice. The altair astro seems better equipped and may be better build quality with a 3" crayford but the ED120 does come with the accessories, has a bigger aperture but the crayford isn't as good quality. Should I choose aperture over quality....and then there's the resale value when all said and done. I will be doing the usual planetary and DSO imaging and visual, but do have other scopes. I am trying to go to refractors for planetary and imaging and use a dob for grab and
  7. Hi there, Olly That's excellent! I can see that I have loads to learn. I can't wait to get out there again and give it all another try. What a great hobby!! David
  8. Hi there, I hadn't been outside for a while and thought that my interest was beginning to wane a little and then I finally got out a couple of nights ago..... I thoroughly loved it again and got some great photos! It was like the first time I'd ever been out there! There's so much and it's just amazing! Just find someone else that's into the hobby or chat on here about what you've seen and just remember that it's only cold if you don't have the right clothing! David
  9. Hi there, chaps Thanks for all the information and advice. Anweniel, I'm using a modded canon 1100d. Olly, I didn't know that they should be lined up...I've been messing around with them to try and get the background as dark as possible. I'm guessing that that puts loads of blue into the photo? I'll have another go at processing he subs that I have. Thanks, chaps David
  10. Hi there, chaps Many thanks for all the advice. You are right, Olly. There is way too much red. I just saw a lot of the rosette nebulas and how red they were and shifted the red way too far over. I didn't realise that injecting a bit more colour wouldn't make up for a desperate lack of exposure time I'll have another go on the next clear night and see if I can improve. I have a modded 1100d and, with the CLS-CCD filter I haven't ever bothered to do flats before (or biases). Are the darks and lights alone, enough to make a decent photo? This one was really to see the difference between a modd
  11. Hi there, This is last night's Owl nebula. It's tiny! Is there supposed to be any colour in this nebula? I've converted to .jpg but it looks like the resolution is low? It's ED-80 with focal reducer on NEQ6 with finder guider. David
  12. Hi there, This is my first attempt at the Rosette. I did 5 *200secs lights and 5 * 200s darks with a canon 1100d with filter removed and a CLS-CCD clip filter in. I used an ED-80 without the focal reducer on an NEQ6. I'm really pleased with this but wish that I'd fitted the focal reducer before the guiding went bad! This is processed and slightly enhanced, as you can see. David
  13. It is showing a long thin strip Thank you so much!!! I can't wait to try the new version and see how these subs turn out now
  14. Hi, I've used APT all evening, recording RAW files from my 1100d. I can see the photos clearly in preview on APT. When I try to import them into DSS, they're small and I can't see anything on them. Also, when they stack its just a couple of blurred stars. I'm doing something wrong! Should I avoid RAW files or is something changing from viewing in APT? I feel like tearing my hair out!! David
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