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  1. After watching the videos and doing a bit of reading, I have a much better understanding of the equatorial mount. So I would like to thank you all for your input and encouragement! I have to say, I'm impressed with this little scope. Optically it performed very well on the moon, and the mount did hold the scope steady enough for steady seeing. I think the slow motion gearing is its biggest let down, but for the cost of £90 new, my neighbour did well i think. Anyway, I've given it back to its rightful owner and gave them a quick view of the moon last night, and they looked happy.
  2. Thank you skfboiler, great videos, very easy to follow. Chris
  3. Good Evening all, Now do I feel silly, but I really do need some help on setting up the scope in the picture. It is my neighbours, and they have had trouble getting to grips with it, so I thought I could help. Wrong! I've collimated the primary and secondary with a baader laser I used to use with my dob, but I've never used an equatorial mount, and don't want to give them incorrect advise on how to use it. So I don't think it has a polar scope, but could of course align the RA to north. But then what? The counter weights brush against the RA
  4. There seems to be another reported death from a meteorite strike in 1825. It's surpossedly listed in the International Comet Quarterly, scientific journal. But I'm yet to find it. Regards
  5. Great set of images, first time I've seen them. Thank you for posting.
  6. Brilliant picture mate, takes me right there in my head! chris
  7. Hi Tim, welcome to SGL mate. Regards, Chris
  8. Well I'm very impressed with the first image, nice horse head. I think the tamron might be sharper, but the sigma has the tele extender. A nice lens mate. Regards, Chris
  9. +1 for, The Cambridge Star Atlas ( I like to look at this indoors), and the Sky & Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas.( used at my scope) Regards, Chris
  10. Regarding Ortho's, these are in my opinion, specialist eyepieces that given the right conditions and tracking are just superb. They are a bit like marmite, some like them some don't get on so well with the eye relief. The Baader classics are a bargain. Regards, Chris
  11. I'm seriously considering getting this 10mm. It gets good reviews on here and on other forums. My reasons are, good glass, for price point. Decent FOV and twist up eyecup. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/vixen-eyepieces/vixen-slv-eyepieces.html The other eyepiece I've looked through is this, http://www.firstlightoptics.com/explore-scientific-eyepieces/explore-scientific-82-degree-series-eyepieces.html. It has a huge FOV, which is great for me as I'm not tracking. Good glass and price point. Regards, Chris
  12. Hi mate, I'm guessing you want an eyepiece for planetary and lunar viewing if you're thinking about a 10/11mm eyepiece? Regards, Chris
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