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  1. Hi Badger I have only recently come to this topic and am impressed with your observatory style as I think it's the answer for me. I have had a word with a joiner friend who thinks he can work from your roof(s) design for a 6ft by 6ft apex shed in my back garden. Such a lot of variables to think about but before I get stuck in I would find it really helpful to see yours in action and learn from your experiences with your observatory. Would that be possible in principle? I live near Derby but am coming south to visit relatives in the next few weeks. Regards Tony
  2. Hi Phil I've just come across your post. I have been looking at options for keeping my Sky Watcher Equinox 80/HEQ5 pro synscan permanently in my back garden to save the setting-up time. I'm looking at keeping the HEQ5 tripod (extended legs) with mount secured to it (with or without the scope mounted) in a small garden shed. I would then, like you, place the tripod legs in 3 holes drilled in slabs layed in the lawn. My question to you is: does a well-aligned scope stay aligned, in such a set-up, night after night after night? My particular interest in in imaging. Do you have to re-polar align the scope each night? I'd rather not spend time drift aligning but doing that occasionally would be OK if the scope stayed reasonably aligned. You say your setup will hold for astrophotography for about 25 mins without perceptible drift. Are you using a guiding technique? Regards Tony
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