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  1. i bought one for my 5" at £40, wish i'd made one! its a dead simple thing to look at. may buy an A4 to make one for my 10" and flog the 5" on to someone else! D
  2. DD, i'm a new convert to the dob having just got a 10" from a 5" on an eq mount. i love it!! my missus was a little shocked when i came home with a "cannon!" followed by "are you looking at the moon or blowing it out of the sky?" were the actual words. I set up the 5" and the 10" with almost the same EP's in as comparison on Jupiter and orion nebula. WOW worth every penny and cold shoulder! Talk to Alan at skys-the-limit he knows more than is humanly possible about optics and the prices are good too, had an easy hour talk on EP's and collimation Enjoy D PS. I think we have both jinxed the weather with new toys!!
  3. I agree with jgs001 as i have used the shop in his link MPB and they are good, bought a 300D for the misus for next to nothing and its a cracking camera!
  4. I started with the SW130 with no goto and no P.... and it is still used, now have a solar filter and RA on it. i love the portability of it as its not too heavy, learn't an awful lot have seen many good images through it too. i know 2 people that have used them as a first scope and there just as pleased. there are limits but for the price i think its worth it. There are plenty of people here with good info, poss one of the best sites to use D
  5. thanks for the suggestions, the 10" is solid not truss and just fits across the back seat as thats how i had to pick it up, and murphys law, did hit a pothole hard enough that i have had to replace a wheel and tyre. i think i have escaped damage on the 10" the collimation was out. this was the main reason for this post. The 5" had been moved round the village i live in and that has stayed on the mount sitting almost verticalish behind my seat held by my eldest. (The cub scouts love looking through the 5" but the 10" is mine!!) After reading the suggestions i think the way to go is wrap in sleepingbag/duvet and secure to the back seat with some kind of strap reasonably tight to allow the tube to "fidget" a little, hopefully the vibration of the car wont transmit too badly throught the seat foam but it'll be secure enough to avoid any movement from big shocks, and yes cold car(hadn't thought of that) slow drive, mind potholes( that last one has cost me a wheel tyre and tracking check) thankfully Avebury, Lackock etc are only short drives away. Thanks again chaps, very helpful. I'll keep updating as i learn!!!
  6. I am looking to take my scopes out to find darker sky and loose some houses and trees! what have people found the best way to move scopes about? I got a 5" and a 10" reflector one eq one dob and am concerned i will do more harm than good with 'em on the back seat of the car!
  7. Mine lives on the top of the cupboards in the kitchen in its supplied boxes at the mo thanks to a 10ft ceiling but is waiting some purpose bulit ply boxes to live in the shed/garage ready for travel to better darker skys
  8. I'm stunned, i would love to not only see but image those, i have seen the orion nebula and a few clusters...where do you start and i won't even ask about costs involved!!
  9. Ive just bought a skywatcher 130 on an eq2 from scopenskies, very happy and enjoying learning the stars as i couldnt quite stretch to a goto, they have some eyepeice kits not too dissimilar to the revelation kits ScopeTeknix 10 part eyepiece and accessory kit Are these any good as i am aware the supplied EP's help keep the costs down D
  10. I have been looking at some E.P. kits from scopenskies like the GSO manufactured scope teknix set with filters case etc, are these kits any good? ScopeTeknix 10 part eyepiece and accessory kit
  11. cloud cloud cloud!! new scope arrived Monday had a quick look at Jupiter, been excited and too busy all week. Now all ready for cold night out and its cloudy. Never mind a scope isnt just for xmas!!
  12. Wow what a big response, thanks to all. GazK yes have looked at the wilts astronomy meet as i'm not that far from Lacock, Bowood is my nearest decent landmark(and poss darker location) JBM1165 will look at the software as it all helps thanks. Cabby Chippenham is the new home(3years) still getting used to it after 8 years in Huddersfield and 30 years in west sussex before that.
  13. At long last i have bitten the bullet and now own a skywatcher 130. in the typical newbie hast i assembled it last night and scrambled out into the garden. I some how managed to have at good look at Jupiter who feels like a good friend after all those evenings looking through some 8x40 bins. I felt privaledged as i managed to see some of the markings and gazed at the moons-whilst scrabbling at the fine adjusters to keep it all in view as i hadn't set the mount up!! Fantastic 2 hours just amazed at the difference a scope makes. Time to do some homework at get the scope ready for some properly set up portable veiwing from the local hills. Good site full of helpful tipe etc and thanks to scopenskies for a good scope
  14. Any one in the north wilts area looking skyward about 18:30 this evening to see what looked a shooting star that finished with a bluey green streek and small flash but no pop? looks to have come from the Jupiter area i only caught the end of it as the chap i was talking withs jaw dropped as he looked up!! it seemed finished lower than any others ive seen heading towards Corsham
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