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  1. Hi all will I have any chance of seeing this go by?
  2. Yes its nice they are all unwell at the moment (colds and that) so it meant effort on their part!lol
  3. Hi all , got to look at the moon through my 200 dob tonight for the first time even got the kids and wife to have a look and they all said wow which was nice!
  4. I will download it thankyou! wheres the moon? And I did enjoy it thanks!
  5. I have just had my first ever look through a scope with my sky-watcher 200 dob after several nights with it sitting in my lounge (felt like years!) wow theres a few stars out there! very pleased with it. didnt have a clue what stars they were and then someones security light came on ! lol Its blowing like hell out there so thought I should bring it indoors anyway but its a start!
  6. I got one of those Cheshire things but havent used it yet!
  7. Thankyou for the answers im slowly getting to know all about the scope shame I cant blinkin use it the weather here has bee dire!
  8. Hi all, I have a sky-watcher 200 dob which i brought a few days ago (still sits in loung unused!) and was wondering (A ) does the small removerble cap on the large tube end cover serve any purpose or is it just for show? and ( when I do finally get to use it do I have to take it outside for a little while so the mirror and eye piece dont mist up? thankyou
  9. hi I went and got one of these yesterday and it looks good in my lounge! no chance of using it though clouds every where glad you are pleased with it!
  10. The weekend just gone I was reading like mad on here for scope recomendations I like to do my homework when it comes to buying things it looks like the sky may clear a later on fingers crossed!
  11. Had the same luck as you tonight no spotlight though! new scope and no use! regards from a cloudy rainy Norwich!
  12. I have found that a glass of wine is mellowing me a little its my first scope so is making matters worse I guess and the kids and Wife keep asking when im going to use it!
  13. Hi all got a new telescope yesterday not a visible thing in the sky! got home today and lots of stars so I though this is it! Had my tea and guess what ?they have all gone behind the clouds again and now its raining! Is it not meant to be?
  14. Thankyou Helen I think I have it right do you think I will see something throuh it now? as I havent set up the finderscope up or done the collimation I did buy a cheshire? type but im like a big kid with a new toy!lol and my children and wife keep asking when im going to use it!
  15. Hi all I have got a sky-watcher 200 dob put it all together no probs apart from the bit you look through! Could someone please tell me where I can see a picture of how it should look?Regards a total novice!
  16. ziggy

    Hi all!

    thanks saturn4me it looks good in the lounge !lol
  17. ziggy

    Hi all!

    thanks Craig20264 the clouds followed my Dob for sure!
  18. ziggy

    Hi all!

    thanks Astro Imp im even worse at this forum thing!lol I will try what you have surgested ta!
  19. ziggy

    Hi all!

    Thanks Catweazel Im in Thorpe area so far all I have seen is my Daughter through it! how many stars are there ? and not a single one showing tonight!
  20. ziggy

    Hi all!

    Thanks estwing the wife is quite shocked by the size of it! lol
  21. ziggy

    Hi all!

    Hello everyone from just outside Norwich! Ive been looking on here for a few days and went and got a telescope today I chose a Sky-watcher 200 Dob dont want to take photos so hope it will be ok! I am a total novice and the question is do I need to put one of the 2 supplied lenses in or just look through the hole! Dont think I will take it outside tonight!lol
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