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  1. This is my LS50 on a Vixen Porta II with SW Adventurer, It tracks fine and I can keep the image well centered for upto 10 mins and longer, I don't know the weight difference between the LS50 and LS60 though. Adrian
  2. Thanks, I used a ZWO ASI120MM-S captured using Firecapture on a Macbook Air running Parallels.
  3. My first attempt at solar imaging using my Lunt LS50tha, be gentle.
  4. bashlong


    hello and welcome to the SGL.
  5. Hello and welcome to the SGL.
  6. bashlong

    Hello from devon

    Hi and welcome to the SGL. there is a great club at Sidmouth the Norman Lockyer Observatory if you can get to it and a few of us drive from Exeter so lifts are not a problem.
  7. I have a Baader MPCC on order for my Skywatcher 250 PDS f4.7, the Baader data sheet only mentions that the f/ratio has been changed down to F3.5 but no upper limit change and I have seen on some other sites a claimed f3.5 - f6 for the new mark III. Have you been informed by Baader of the new ratio as even there own web site does not mention this?
  8. welcome to the SGL and enjoy your new telescope, if it ever stops raining!
  9. Hi Andy, I got a copy from SCS Astro only a few weeks ago, check the link on the above post from Helen.
  10. Hi, I was lucky to see the fireball from my back garden, it was one of the brightest I have seen.
  11. Hi and welcome, it's nice to see another local on the forum.
  12. bashlong


    Hi and welcome to the SGL.
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