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  1. Thanks Ron you have given me some hope. I can not see any other damage it landed onto the diagonal first. Will try and get hold of the right screwdriver bits tomorrow.

    Do you think there could be any unseen damage done to the scopes optics?

  2. Hi can anybody give me advise on what i can do next?

    Tonight was my second attempt to have a go at some imaging with my new set up after 2 months of unclear skys the moon and other things and what happens crash my Equinox 80 drops out my mount.

    The focuser now just slides out when held upright.

    Is it serious and can anybody give me advice on what the best thing to do next is?

    Thanks Dean

  3. Hi everyone have just come in from a great night of observing using my 12” dobsonian with a talrad finder and some printed off star charts from the internet. Have been looking forward to getting out all day after buying a UHC-S filter. I started off with the Ring Nebula and played around with a few eye pieces combined with the UHC-S. I found it hard to see much difference I don’t think I had my night vision to be fare. Any way from there I went on to the dumbbell which was good then to the double open cluster in Cassiopeia which always impresses me. Using a 21mm Hyperion eye piece I then decided to go for the vail nebula not knowing what to expect. I found that this was where the UCH-S Filter really proved it’s self. I think without it I could have missed it. At the moment it has got to be my favorite there is plenty there to study. I then got brave and went for the snowball and little dumbbell and found them both I was on a roll. I finished off with a few open clusters M33 M34. A great night and I am looking forward to the next evening of stargazing.

  4. Hi i have been observing now for six months and would now like to have a go at deepsky and planetary imaging. I have a skywatcher 130p and a skyliner 300p plus a laptop with vista. I have been looking at a second hand skywatcher evostar 100ed2 pro f5 on a eq5 mount. Is this needed plus can anybody recomend a webcam which cam be used on vista or an digital camera that will do the job while not spending to much. Thanks Dean

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