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  1. Ok this might sound dumb but I'm curious as to why Venus never looks like a full disc? It seems like the only planet that does this, Jupiter always looks full so why does Venus not?
  2. Just checked and Telescope house have it as "Sold Out, Catalogue suspended"
  3. Thanks for the input guys. Luke I do know some of the constellations and have successfully starhopped, I guess I just need to practice more to locate the fainter objects in the sky. I do like the feeling you get when you actually find what you are looking for though. I cant wait to get back out there when this snow goes away! Thanks again
  4. Thanks for the response. I'm finding the obvious planets easily (jupiter saturn, Mars, venus) I've also located M31 and M42. I wanted to find other harder to find objects like uranus and neptune but have no reference in the sky as to where they are. i have used stellarium but for harder to find objects its not upto much. I also want to get into a bit of astrophotography in the near future and thought that without goto mounts it would be difficult.
  5. Hi, I've had my SW130 for a couple of months now and already I'm thinking of upgrades. Does anyone know of a suitable GOTO type upgrade for this scope and if so is it worth it or should I just wait until I upgrade scopes? Cheers
  6. Hi, I've been keeping my scope out in the garage but it just occured to me, is it a safe place (not security) to store it? Where do other people keep theirs?
  7. from reading a post below I think I may not have seen Neptune, will have to have another go tonight!
  8. I managed to see 4 possibly 5 planets last night/this morning. I started off with Venus which was very very bright but good all the same I then used stellarium to look for neptune but even through my 10mm and 2x barlow it was only a very small blob so i'm not sure if I was looking in the right place? I then set my alarm for 0530 and had magnificent views of Saturn and its rings, excellent detail. It makes me want to get a dslr even more now so I can share what I am seeing with other people. I then finished off with Mars which was ok, it was a little blurry but maybe the moon being so close was contributing to that, but again nice to see.
  9. I was actually looking for triangulum galaxy with stellarium and I found triangulum constellation and realised that andromeda was directly to the right. Found it with quite some ease really which makes my Orion struggles all the more annoying!
  10. I still cannot find the Orion Nebula, well at least I think I cant! I did see a grey ish cloud in the general area of the sword of orion just not in the middle of it. However I do believe I saw the Andromeda galaxy kind of a grey blur in the sky. So I am quite pleased with that.
  11. 3rd nights use of my new Skywatcher Explorer 130 tonight and I've just come in from the freezing cold! Managed to get a look at Venus, very bright. I could tell it was a planet but not much else. Jupiter looked awesome again, I just cant get enough of it! I also managed to look at it through my 10mm and 2x Barlow and it was very very impressive. Could not seem to find Uranus but I think the houses behind may have hidden it! I did not realise Neptune was around until reading a thread in here just now but I think my scope may be too small to see that one. Got work in the morning so no early stargazing for me until weekend. All in all an awesome nights sky and even had the Mrs gasping in awe at Jupiter
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