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  1. Could you use lens cleaner for spectacles or is this not recommended?
  2. I've just bought a HD Lifecam - would be interesting to see how you managed to jury rig it!
  3. Just an extremely steady hand! Might try the tape trick though to tide me over!
  4. This is what I took with my iPhone whilst I'm waiting for my T-Ring to arrive!!
  5. Hi all, So who's coming to this event? Being fairly new to all this jazz I've not been to an outreach event before. Anyone know what is planned for it? The only thing I could find on it was this. If there's anything I can do to help though just let me know! Matt
  6. Ha! Love Taffy's pic. It was mighty cold last night but was nice and clear. My friends think I'm mental standing out shivering in the garden for 3 hours!
  7. Did you post your shots in the end dude? Just about to get an adaptor and T ring so I'm keen to see what results you can get!
  8. Excellent - Thanks for the tip. I have just been keeping the EP's in the accessory tray but I have a nice foam lined case arriving in a couple of days. Hopefully that should keep the dew off them!
  9. Just came in from a good session. I think the sky has been the clearest since I got my scope - Pleiades and Orion were beautiful. Had to come indoors and sample my latest batch of beer that has just finished brewing (Hooray!) By the time I got outside again my poor Telrad and EP's had misted up. Is there anything I can do to prevent this or is it just a case of keeping a lens cleaning cloth to hand?
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