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  1. I presume that you add or subtract these layers to achieve that recommended 1/3 -1/2 histogram? and the use of baking paper is a more controlled way rather than a sheet of A4? SOooo a longer exposure to remove/smooth fluctuations then tone down the brightness with paper to get that perfect flat? So much to learn .... I can see why I've stayed visual these last 50 years Yet again thank you to you all for all your help .... Bias and darks once i wrap my head around achieving a usable flat
  2. Thank you for all the great advice, having never taken a flat before I didn't know what to expect. Gerd answered my email this morning and pretty much put what you have said above ..... onwards and upwards. Regards Mark
  3. My thoughts bottletopburly but never having taken a Flat before using the Gerd I dont have anything to compare. 1/500 david_taurus83 , a longer exposure gets rid of the lines but moves the histogram.
  4. dabbling my toes into the dark arts of astrophotography and looking for some advice. Got myself a Gerd Neumann 100mm aurora panel and the battery box to allow me to carry out the Flats on site ... Having a play with the panel and my 85mm lens this afternoon, I find taking a flats with my camera set on AV I am getting lines on the picture, the Histogram is to the left of the middle which is recommended, so is this the "normal" flat? If i up the exposure time then I get rid of the lines but wash out the image with the histogram being on the hard right. Hopeful
  5. Give her the money she can then take her time to do a bit more research
  6. I do John, a truly fantastic scope (But you know this).. Gives the Tak a run for its money, both excel in different areas so both "keepers" in my books :o)
  7. Rainy day and idle hands, seemed like a good idea to set up my FS152 indoors. Just about fits.
  8. Give John at john@jtechdesign.co.uk an email with your requirements, he has done a couple of "one off's" for me. His work excellent and he is an Astronomer so talks the talk so to speak.
  9. Just run a tape measure over my JMI case for my Meade 14" (It's de-forked) and the foam cut out is 44" long and just under 24" wide. When I picked it up it all went into the boot of an Astra estate rear seats folded. Hope this helps Mark
  10. All in all ... it's still a lovely thoughtful present from your Girlfriend
  11. Yet again John from Jtechdesign has delivered. Due to several glasses of wine and a "cunning plan" that really wasn't that cunning I ended up with 2 Tak FS60's. Rather than sell it on I commissioned John to machine out a finder cage that would fit to my Starlight instruments finder foot so the little Tak could be fitted to my focuser. Third time John has carried out some bespoke work for me and I find the standard of his work excellent (Ask FLO as he does work for them). Highly recommended and for a one off service I find his costings excellent .
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